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 Plenty of fish (pof): Make money and build your list

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Plenty of fish (pof): Make money and build your list Empty
PostSubject: Plenty of fish (pof): Make money and build your list   Plenty of fish (pof): Make money and build your list EmptyWed May 02, 2012 5:10 pm

OK, so I have been playing with POF for a week and I honestly have to say than I´m leaving it at the moment. There is huge traffic there, but the main problem is the account creation (at least for me).

By the way , If someone is able to create accounts constantly, maybe can use the following method :

1) create an account located in a big city (London, New York)
2) take a pic of a hot girl for your profile
3) On the pic, use paint or photoshop to watermark her picture with an email address that you control. Upload it on the profile
4) Edit profile information, saying very clear "Don´t send private messages, Send me an email". Also let them know you are looking for quick sex.
5) Set up an autoresponder on the email address saying something like this:

"hi I´m [namegirl] and I just meet you on POF. I saw your profile and like your pictures. There are so many guys around so I prefer to talk to you in private. I´m registered on another site where we can chat quietly, click on the link below to meet me there:

http:// domain tk or tiny [cloacking your affiliate link] (this can easily be done on hotmail)

Don´t make me wait too long, please.

kisses , [namegirl]"

I tried this yesterday. In less the one hour I got 100 "opt-in" . Do not reply to pm or chat with anyone, simply let your account connected. My account got goshted after a hour. I guess someone reported me. 5 of them filled in the site where I redirect them so It was easy 10 $ / hour.

Also you are building a targeted spam list for the long term,you will see people names on mails.

I use Ihookup.com they pay 2$ per lead.

Why am I giving this method away? To give something back to this forum which helped me to get started on IM. I like automated methods , but honestly I don´t how to automate account creation in POF. If you are not in USA you may need to create one account per hour, and this requires to be in front of the computer all the time.... unless you can create a bot for this. This can be twisted in many ways, sending mails back with the name of the buddy to increase conversions , ect. Replying by hand will help to get sign ups with credit cards. Some networks pay 50$ per sign up.


take a picture like this. Nice, isn´t she?

hope It helps
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Plenty of fish (pof): Make money and build your list
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