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 Danh sách các search engine

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PostSubject: Danh sách các search engine   Danh sách các search engine EmptyFri Apr 27, 2012 9:19 am

Abbreviations : for abbreviations
ABC Search engine - every search starts with ABC
About for guidance, not guesswork
Acronym finder - for over 750,000 human edited definitions
Ajaxwhois is a great for site statistics searches
Alexa is good for finding information on the top 100k sites
AllPlus - meta search and discovery engine
AlltheWeb - part of the Yahoo family
AltaVista is still out there, still doing a good job
Answers is the world's leading Q&A site
AOL Search no, I didn't think it was still going, but it is
Ask (Jeeves) still limping along, shadow of its former self
Ask if you want the US/global version
Azoos is the brightest yellow search engine out there
Backtype for realtime conversational search
Beaucoup has been around a while, but doesn't impress me
Behold for flickr images
Betterwhois gets you good accurate information on domains
Blindsearch to compare results of major engines
Blinkx is a video search engine, with 35 million hours of it!
Browsys is a multi search engine
ChaCha allows you get other people to help with your search
Clusty provides good clustered results
Collarity for personalised searching across different types of data
Collecta for real time search
CompletePlant for 70k of searchable databases. Good for deep web
Country search engines is my list of 4,000 engines for 200+ countries
Definitions is good for thousands of definitions
Deepdyve for deep web searching
Digital Librarian; a librarian's choice of the best of the web
DMOZ for a hierarchical directory, old but still good
Dogpile for multisearch of Google, Yahoo, Ask & Bing (GYAB)
Dooblet finds alternatives for you
Draze to compare Google, Yahoo and Bing
DuckDuckGo is a family safe engine
eBingBong is another social search engine
Entireweb is a freetext search engine
Exalead is an excellent alternative to Google
Excite is there, but does anyone use it any more?
Factbites where results make sense
FaganFinder is a superb collection of search resources
Fefoo multi search engine with access to 250+ search engines
Findanyfilm available in the UK in any format
FindSounds for sound effects
FinQoo is an underwhelming meta search engine
Freesearch is a UK based search resource
Galaxy is a directory based search engine
Google doesn't need any words from me
Google caffeine is an experimental Google engine
healia is an excellent medical search engine
Hotbot is a blast from the past and that's about all
Hunch is a decision engine, which works very well indeed
iBoogie is a clustering meta search engine
Icerocket has RSS feed options and is a good alternative
IllumiRate lights your way through the web. Apparently.
Infomine for scholarly data, and is excellent
Info Service is quirky and very colourful. Odd directory though
Internet Archive to see all those old pages!
Intute for academic resources. First class service
Irazoo search, win gift cards. I want to search, not win $5
Iseek is a clustering search engine; very good too
Ixquick is an excellent metasearch engine
Jux2 compares Google, Yahoo and Bing results. Very useful
Kartoo is a visual search engine that's recently had a makeover
KidsClick is websearch for children by librarians
KidRex is another children's safe search engine
Librarians' Internet Index is a brilliant resource
LocateTV find shows, actors and movies
Lycos is still out there, but getting old and creaky
Mahalo for social search, human created information resources
Mamma is the mother of all meta search engines
Melzoo results on the left, fullscreen page on the right pane
MetaCrawler is a meta search engine
Middlespot is a visual search engine
Monstercrawler for a GYAB search
Najdi.si - Slovenian search engine.
Navisso is a search engine that doesn't push official sites up
Newscred for credible news stories
OAIster for academic material that's otherwise hard to find
OmniMedicalSearch is a top notch medical search engine
OneRiot for realtime search
Oxysearch is a multi search engine for GYAB and Pixsy
Panabee for comparing results from different search engines
Peerbot searches for icons
Pepesearch for freetext and directory search. Not impressed
Phrases.net for common phrases, casual expressions and idioms
Pinakes is a superb collection of virtual libraries
Pokersites is the premier guide to the best online poker sites
PolyMeta is an intelligent metasearch and clustering engine
Questfinder is a selective web directory
Quotes.net for famous and not so famous quotations
Quintura for visual search in a word/tag cloud
Redz for visual search - an arch of webpage thumbnails
References is a good source of reference resources
Re-QUEST is a directory based engine
Scandoo checks for authority of the results it returns
Scirus for scientific data - great for academic use
Scoopler for real time search
Scour to search socially, see community votes and comments
Searchbug for people and company search in the US
Search is a multi search engine. Not stunned by it
Searchboth lets you compare results for 9 different engines
Searchbots is a 'build your own' resource
Searchdazzle puts 4 engines on one page. Messy!
Searchhippo is another multisearch engine that doesn't excite me
SearchMedia is a UK medical search engine for professionals
Searchmerge is a multi search engine for 8 major engines
Searchthenet is a multisearch engine - 20 engines offered
SearchtheWeb is a directory engine which fails to impress
Select Surf selects the best sites the web has to offer, apparently
Similar-site finds similar sites to that which you provide
Similarsites finds similar sites to that which you provide
Similicio.us finds similar sites to that which you provide
Silobreaker is the #1 news site out there, bar none
Siteslike is a find similar sites engine
Slider is a full text search engine that searches DMOZ
SmartLinks provides quick links in a directory structure
Spacetime 3D looks very similar to Redz; visual search engine
Spezify for multisearch visual results
Sproose search and recommend social search engine
Stilltasty is a food date/edibility search engine
Struly is a very neat multi search engine
Surchur for real time search
Sunsteam is a directory engine, now 10 years old
Synonyms net is the webs most comprehensive synonym resource
Technorati for blog search
The Net 1 is a directory engine
Thunderstone is a website catalog, directory based engine
Tinker for real time serach didn't impress me in the slightest
Trooker is a great video search engine resource
Turbo10 used to be a great hidden web engine, now just freetext
Turboscout is an excellent multi search engine
Tweepsearch for Twitter biography searching
Twurdy checks for readability in search results
Ujiko is a visual search engine; and a nice one at that
WebBrain is a human created set of search resources
WebCrawler is a meta engine for GYAB
Webkruz is a visual search engine
Web-Search is a multi search engine that offers 18 resources
WebWorld for quality sites on the web, in a directory style
Whozat is the people search engine
Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine; good but different!
Wozzon is a UK events search engine. Works well
WWW Virtual Library for directory listing of virtual libraries
Xalo : A Vietnamese Search Engine
Xaphoo is a multi search engine but not exciting
Yahoo needs no introduction either
Yahoo for kids safe search
Yelbol is a knowledge based (smart) search
Yohogo is a multi search engine, but nothing special
YouTube is for videos, but you knew that already
Zakta is a personalised search engine resource
Zapmeta searches all the major engines
123 people is a UK people search engine
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Danh sách các search engine
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