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 Firebug Not Compatible with Firefox 3

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PostSubject: Firebug Not Compatible with Firefox 3   Firebug Not Compatible with Firefox 3 EmptySat Apr 21, 2012 8:55 pm

In part 3 of my recruitment SEO guide I talked about a great way to handle your vacancy pages from the point of view of good SEO, traffic generation and conversion.

This post develops the concept, by adding a discussion on how best to handle dynamic meta code templates for each one of your jobs. Could you imagine writing 10,000+ meta titles? I think not! The secret is in a little developer time and some research into your specific industry (perhaps via your deepest, longest tail data in your analytics account?!). I’ve written a similar post before, thing is, it missed a vital concept: candidate search behaviour can vary depending on what industry sector jobs they’re searching for!

We start with an assumption that you followed my advice from post 3 and that your developer knows how to modify the meta template on your job detail master pages (let’s say job-details.aspx). We also assume that your developer could make elements of the meta template pull through information unique to the job itself, for example the location and job title.

So, if you were able to create entirely dynamic, customised meta data for each one of your vacancies, how would you go about it? To help us along the way, I wrote a simple post about the subject 6 months ago. Here’s the link.

The main point of the Youmoz post was that job seekers use a specific pattern to search for jobs, and that some of those patterns tend to convert better than others. Here’s the table I used to describe the pattern.

Thing is, there’s more to it than this. The “long tail of search in the recruitment market” is far too general a point to make. That’s because the long tail of search in your recruitment business is likely to be specific to the recruitment business you’re in! Did that make sense?

I’ve gotten some very useful data on the subject to prove this. By looking at long tail patterns by 3 major industries that use the recruitment market I hope I’ve provided a useful extension to my original post and that I’ve provided you with useful inspiration to go and research your own niche. I’ve looked at a major IT recruiter, a financial / accountancy recruiter and a construction industry recruiter. Here are the results:

As you can see there are some key behavioural differences in search patterns in the long tail. I thought the frequency of occurences of the word “contract” in the IT and construction markets really spelled out the importance of this type of research. There are some commonalities too, “salary” for example came up every time. In the accountancy market it seems a lot of job seekers are looking for “salary survey” at the end of their job title. Perhaps there’s a higher level of dissatisfaction with salary levels and pay rates in the accounting sector.

Each industry is slightly different, so make sure you’ve done your homework. If you understand the long tail, but you’ve made it relative to the recruiter industry you’re optimising in, you’ll really impress your new recruitment SEO client!
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Firebug Not Compatible with Firefox 3
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