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 Ubuntu SEO: Firefox plugins that work in Firefox 3

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Ubuntu SEO: Firefox plugins that work in Firefox 3 Empty
PostSubject: Ubuntu SEO: Firefox plugins that work in Firefox 3   Ubuntu SEO: Firefox plugins that work in Firefox 3 EmptySat Apr 21, 2012 8:54 pm

I think the biggest challenge to the SEO Ubuntu community (other than out of date documentation that is) is a bit of a lack of SEO software currently available for Ubuntu. I guess there isn’t that much demand for something like a rankings checker for Ubuntu. Noone seems to have got round to writing one. (Not that I use a ranking checker..)

That said, our trusty friend Firefox is here to save the day. At least there are plenty of plugins that work!

In my order of awesomeness (though they’re all very handy!)

1) Firebug (This is version 1.2.0b3 compatible with Firefox 3, unlike the last version) – Firebug has got to be the handiest little tool. My favourite feature is the “inspect mode” that allows you to mouse over elements of the design of the page. The code for that element is automatically highlighted.

2) Web developer toolbar – a brilliant tool, particulary if you need to switch off CSS and Javascript on a regular basis. By the way, you can switch off CSS by using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+Shift+S. Brilliant!

3) Google Global – allows you to switch between results from a number of (customisable) Google search TLD’s eg: google.com or google.ca. Very useful.

4) Joost’s nofollow display script for Greasemokey – Get greasemonkey first, then install this. It’s a script that will highlight nofollows. Ideal for er, needing to see nofollows easily.

5) User agent switcher – where would you be without the ability to swap user agents and catch your competitors red handed? I wish it were that easy

By the way – I mentioned a ranking checker – try Aaron Wall’s Firefox ranking checker. I’ve not tested it in Ubuntu yet but I have used it with Windows Vista.
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Ubuntu SEO: Firefox plugins that work in Firefox 3
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