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 How I made 500$ with 7search

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How I made 500$ with 7search Empty
PostSubject: How I made 500$ with 7search   How I made 500$ with 7search EmptyWed May 02, 2012 5:22 pm

Ok so I never had much luck with Adwords,like much of you here probably has and are much more professionals then I am.But simply I cant run proftable campaigns with keywords price over 0.20c to be successful. I even got my adwords account suspended trying to run all kind of offers and they just didint like it.But I dont care I dont use it anymore.
From one of the Ppc formula tutorials from Gauher Chaudhry (I paid the full price,very expensive) I have discovered about alternative pay per click networks.

One I had the most luck with is 7search and I love it.Maybe you heard of it and its TRUE you can run campaigns for 1c a click.But if you want your bid to have maximum exposure 7search recommends "smart bid" of 0.05c. I guess thats when your ad comes on all partnering networks and websites. However I did started really untargeted traffic to one of my email submit offers from Cpalion for 1c,and well I did earned like 5$ a day what was terrific for me then.Well think of it for 1$ you get 100 clicks,even the worst traffic should convert at least twice
Then I started optimizing and experimenting with offers,using tracking202 to track my keywords which converts and which doesnt. You can also track websites on 7search that sends good traffic and eliminate the rest (contact them to learn more about this). You will need these 2 tools to run successful campaigns.
Its quite simple,you create campaign add keywords and your ads ARE LIVE! No approval needed (like sending msgs to leadimpact please approve my campaigns,they are not working weekends etc) To be honest maybe thats one of the reasons I have sticked with them,cause I dont like wasting time.
The first 2 months I have earned 500$,I did had some previous experience with ppc like tracking the keywords etc so cant say am quite noob but I didint expected it.

I now have 10 campaigns running, all verticals,optimizing it every day. I use CPAlion affiliate network (cpalion com) they dont have the highest payouts or number of offers but submits are one fiield and they dont shave,like 1 time pixel will fire and second wont so it comes to the same,and per sale offers are just great and always converting.

Yes,cool thing is you can place ###KEYWORD### in yours ad title so it will show every time the keyword visitor has searched for,like for instance "buy diablo 3".You ad will have title "Buy Diablo 3"+ your ad description and visitor is more likely to click on it. And you can also see ads of your competitors for every keyword you plan to bid on,so that way you can see are some niches profitable or not.
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How I made 500$ with 7search
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