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 [JOURNEY] Complete Noob's Journey in the world of MNS + Adsense

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[JOURNEY] Complete Noob's Journey in the world of MNS + Adsense Empty
PostSubject: [JOURNEY] Complete Noob's Journey in the world of MNS + Adsense   [JOURNEY] Complete Noob's Journey in the world of MNS + Adsense EmptyWed May 02, 2012 5:15 pm

I'm really new to the IM world. Well... a born again virgin I guess you could call me. I made a few sites about 10 years ago, but I was really young and there weren't any great resources like BHW back then. I pretty much gave up as soon as I started because I didn't have any instant success. Anyways, keep in mind, that up until a few months ago, I had no clue about IM strategies, backlinking, link wheels, etc...

I work in IT and I tought myself PHP a few months back to build an intranet/wiki site for my work. Needless to say, I caught the "bug" to get back in the game, this time for good.

Since January 2012, I've purchased 16 domains! LOL! 6 of them are for very competitive niches, they are all related and they are my "project". So far, I've made $23 from adsense and $40 from affiliate sales. Things are pretty slow, but picking up. However, I need a way to make some supplemental income so I can re-invest those earnings into my "project".

I bought another domain to test out methods from BHW. Mainly CPA, but I haven't done anything with it yet.

I am doing one method from here which is reselling Fiverr services, I've made $100 since March 1st.

My next journey... this one... is in the world of Micro Niche Sites. I've purchased 3 MNS sites from a seller here on BHW and I've also purchased 3 EMD keywords and domains on my own so I can see if I can do this myself. These are the 3 sites I will be following in my journey. (As I write this, I just realized how many things I have on my plate. haha.)


I purchased 2 different gigs off fiverr to get 5 EMD keywords. I picked 3 of them to get started.

KW 1: 5400 local US searches
KW 2: 3600 local US searches
KW 3: 2400 local US searches

Next, I bought the domains from namecheap using a coupon and got them hosted on my current shared hosting plan from HostGator.

I installed wordpress for all the sites. For now, I'm using a nulled version of Profits Theme that I found on BHW. I like it a lot! Very customizable and there are a ton of subthemes. I will definitely purchase this theme to make it legit if this works out.

To start, all sites have Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Contact Us page.

For the content, I spread the love between BHW and Fiverr

Site 1 (3600 local search):
Purchased following gig from fiverr:

Not sure how it will pan out. Articles are very good, however they are encoded, so I can't change them too much or rewrite them as they wouldn't pass copyscrape. Either way, I've got 5 articles up. 2 pages, 3 blog posts

Site 2: (2400 local search)
Purchased the following gig from fiverr:

Original article. It's ok, I could have probably written it better myself if I wanted to, but it will do for now.

Site 3 (5400 local search):
Purchased the following from BHW:

I got 5 articles. 3 for site 3 and 2 for site 2.

I'm not overly impressed with the articles. It seems there are a lot of useless words added in to fulfil the quota. I had to rewrite many of it to make it friendlier to read and lost about 50-60 words per article. Still, it was a good place to start, as I had content to work with.

Site 2 and 3 now have 2 static pages and 1 blog post.

Promotion (today):

Today, I launched the sites. I installed Google Sitemaps, and submitted them to google webmaster tools.

Submitted sites to IMT Website submitter:
(Not sure how much good this does, but it submits to 2500 sites for free)

Pinged my sites using free tool from BHW for faster indexing:

I purchased the following gigs from fiverr for EACH site:

Linkwheel gig (TAT 3 days): http://fiverr.com/top_linkwheel/crea...-search-engine

High PR blog links (TAT 5 days): http://fiverr.com/insurgo/create-45-...o-your-website

Article Submisstion gig (TAT 14 days): http://fiverr.com/vapsjee/write-an-a...lity-backlinks

I'm a bit worried about the amount of backlinks. Hopefully this is not my first and fatal mistake. I'm hoping the 10 day wait after the original gigs are done will be enough. Oh well.... it's a learning process right?

Next step is to sit and wait. I have not implemented adsense on the sites yet. I want to wait to build a bit of rank and traffic first. Once I start showing up in the search results and get at least 5 UV's a day, I will plug in my adsense code.

I'm not planning on doing much until these gigs finish. I kind of want to see where the sites will fall in the rankings after all of this. I might fiddle around a bit with the onsite SEO and maybe purchase/write a few more articles.

3 EMD Keywords: $10
Domain Registration: approx. $30
Fiverr Article Gigs: $10
BHW Articles: $30
Fiverr Promotion: $45

TOTAL Investment: $125


Site 1: n/a
Site 2: n/a
Site 3: n/a

UV traffic/day:
Site 1: 0
Site 2: 0
Site 3: 0

Site 1: $0
Site 2: $0
Site 3: $0

Thanks for reading this far. Any comments and/or feedback is appreciated. I'm still learning... A LOT! I just like this place so much and wanted to become more involved. I would like to update every day, however, there may not be much to report on to start until things start rolling My next full update will probably be once some of these fiverr gigs start completing.

Have a nice weekend everyone!
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[JOURNEY] Complete Noob's Journey in the world of MNS + Adsense
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