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 16 years old journey to 20 $ a day .

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16 years old journey to 20 $ a day . Empty
PostSubject: 16 years old journey to 20 $ a day .   16 years old journey to 20 $ a day . EmptyWed May 02, 2012 5:11 pm

Guys , I know that you are probably tired of this topics , and especially that I am a new member on this forum you might be sceptical , but I've read a lot and didn't really take much action untill now . What really made me do this ? Well to be honest I was always looking for new methods and easy methods , in other words I was just waiting for money to drop from the sky , but this forum made me realize that if you want to make money you have to work hard . So , I am going to start from 0 $ (actually I have 23 $ on my fileice account , but that's it ) and my first plan it's to make 20 $ a day .

I am going to use the following methods :
Fileice + Youtube + Adf.ly .
Fiverr .

The idea is , I am uploading videos with different popular niches and I put in the description a mediafire link , and after they download it , they have to download the password for the winrar file from the fileice .
My future goals :
I want to make by the age of 18 years old , an income of 3000 $ / month .
After I make some good income from youtube , I am going to start SEO and build legit sites .

Day 1 :
Ok guys , so let's start with what I've done today , it was a really good day for me , I worked a lot and I already made some money xDD .
What have I done :
* I've made 5 youtube accounts from different IP's .
* I've researched 10 popular niches .
* I've uploaded on youtube , metacafe and dailymotion 10 videos on each .(using different niches)
* I've created a blog and used a popular niche , made a video for it and uploaded it on youtube .
* I've commented on 7 different videos related to my blog niche and rated the comments .
* I've added 1000 vagex credits and u2bviews credits to all my youtube videos .

Tomorrow I plan in adding more videos and to research more niches .

Earnings for day one :
* FileIce : 4.10 $ ( 38 Clicks , 2 downloads )
* Fiverr : 15 $

With this thread , I just want to keep myself motivated and I am looking forward for advices and feedback from experienced members here on BHW , I hope to achieve my goal , and even more .
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16 years old journey to 20 $ a day .
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