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 This is for the newbies [Mainly] 3 steps to success

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This is for the newbies [Mainly] 3 steps to success Empty
PostSubject: This is for the newbies [Mainly] 3 steps to success   This is for the newbies [Mainly] 3 steps to success EmptyWed May 02, 2012 5:08 pm

O.K. Its been a long time since I have dedicated a thread to helping newbies, and I figured since we have so many new members lately, the time must be right.

This thread will tell you how to start with under $20 and work your way up in just 3 phases. It may seem hard, but it's really not. I will be as specific as possible with most of my information, and some information you may have to figure it out. But please do not fill up my pm box with a hundred questions, because anything I can tell you will be explained here.

Phase 1

Go to a hosting website like godaddy and purchase a website tonight with a .com domain (about $10). Choose a niche in a popular category such as computers or electronics. Then once you have purchased and set up your website account, then you need to use the site builder to build the website. After you have created all of your pages, and have a privacy policy and terms of service, and have submitted it to search engines, you want to monetize it. Now, you don't want to risk your adsense account for this website (I'll explain later) because you will need adsense later. So I would recommend monetizing with a combination of adbrite and infolinks, and maybe a couple of easy (high conversion rate) cpa offers. And once you have monetized, you then need to get some free domains to mask your traffic (will explain in a minute). I recommend going to www.co.cc because you get 3 free .co.cc domains per email you sign up with. You then want to forward your free domains to your main domain. Make sure to use the "forward with masking function"

Now this part will fill in the cracks from above. Now that you have all of your website and all domains set up, it's time to start making the money. Go to every classified site possible and post ads daily using your .co.cc domains (this way your main domain isn't exposed), and make the ads interesting enough that people will click but not so interesting that it looks spammy. If you have monetized your site well, you should easily make atleast $20 a day doing this. Its not alot, but it is the first step to success.

At $20 a day, you will be earning about $600 a month, so what I recommend to do with that is, put back about $300 each month for 6 months or until you have nearly $1800 saved up. Then you will be ready for phase 2.

Phase 2

Now that you have put in 6 months of hard work, it's time to start going automated. This phase will tell you how to go from all the hard work to just watching money roll in.

So now you need to invest that $1800. The best investment I can think of that would automate your income is to purchase adsense niche sites (which is why I said not to risk your adsense earlier, because I had something better in store). There is a thread on here selling 100 micro niche sites for $1727. here's that thread: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackha...che-sites.html

Now once you purchase those sites, and add your own adsense code to all of them, it should generate a pretty good automated income. If each site makes only $1 a day on adsense, that would be $100 a day automated.

So now that you are automated, don't stop there! Now that you have the time, I recommend that you read through the hundreds of threads here on bhw that will teach you different SEO techniques and other monetizing stradegies. And once you have read all you can and learned as much as your brain will allow you to store, you will be ready for the third and final step, "phase 3"

Phase 3

Now you have worked your way up to an automated $3000+ monthly, and you have the knowledge to build your own website from scratch, it is time to put in some more work (but this time you will benefit on a much larger scale).

Start by building a website in a high paying niche. Use all of the different SEO and monetization tactics that you have learned here, and build a mega website. Then once you have created the website, and it is monetized and profitable, you have several choices. One choice is to just keep up with the site and let the money roll in from it. Another idea is to flip the site for big bucks up front. And there are other ideas that you will gain from reading BHW threads.

Either way, by the end of all of this, you will be a successful IM'er.
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This is for the newbies [Mainly] 3 steps to success
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