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 6 Months to success. Here's how

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6 Months to success. Here's how Empty
PostSubject: 6 Months to success. Here's how   6 Months to success. Here's how EmptyWed May 02, 2012 5:05 pm

O.K. So I recently posted a thread, and I realize with that thread that I just didn't break it down well enough to be believable, so that's what I will do here. So as it is, I came up with a method that costed me $400 to start, and that $400 turned into $3000 the first month. With this method, I can multiply that just by simply investing $400 over and over, with each previous $400 investment still earning every month. So below is what it looks like broke down:

Month 1: ($400 investment) = $3,000 profit
Month 2: ($2,800 investment) + previous $400 = $24,000 profit
Month 3: ($24,000 investment) + previous $3,200 = $204,000 profit

Now below it changes because I want to minimize my investment to only 100 times

Month 4: ($12800 investment) + previous $5600 = $300,000 + $191,200 Carried over from month 3 = $491,000
Month 5: (Total $40,000 investment from above) = $300,000 + $491,000 = $791,200
Month 6: $300,000 + $791,000 = $1,091,200

Now with it broke down like that, it should be a little more comprehensive. I am already on track, as I have cleared $3000 month 1, and am started on month 2. Now obviously I would be stupid to give this method away right now to everyone before I am finished using it, but when I am finished with it, I will tell all in the jr vip (since I will be upgrading next week) And that's nothing against anyone else, I just want the method to stay as safe as possible so people can make money with it. It is a little time consuming, but definately worth it for those kind of numbers

For those who are impatient, I recommend doing what I did (spend 9 years studying different methods, and trial/error until you come up with something that works). But for the rest, I can't wait to be able to share this with you sometime in the near future (granted everything stays on track)
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6 Months to success. Here's how
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