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 Why You Might Be Missing The Point of Googles Latest Update

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Why You Might Be Missing The Point of Googles Latest Update Empty
PostSubject: Why You Might Be Missing The Point of Googles Latest Update   Why You Might Be Missing The Point of Googles Latest Update EmptyWed May 02, 2012 4:53 pm


A few weeks ago Google took out a few high PR subscription-based linking schemes. Build My Rank is probably one that many of us are familiar with, and it set off a chain of events and reactions whereby everybody is very "link focussed" at the moment.

Those of us who've been in the business for many years know this is not the first time an event like this has happened, and the subsequent update from four days ago is nothing new. It represents another change in paradigm, another "fiddle with the buttons" that go to make Google's [in]famous algorithm.

All of the talk here on BHW forums is to do with links. After all, when you're talking about Black Hat tools, about 75% of them are concerned with the creation of links on third-party sites.

But this latest update has, I propose, has less to do with links and far more to do with content.

There you go, I said it.

This is a content-based update. Google's algorithm is now far better equipped to look at your links in the context of the content they are placed in.
It's not really a secret, and it shouldn't come as any surprise. Although Google have been known to play a little bit of cloak and dagger, this change was right out in the open. Their famous update of four days ago showed a block of text with some incongruous links stuck in the middle. -

THAT'S WHAT THIS UPDATE IS ABOUT! They have refined their ability to spot incongruities, keyword stuffing, duplicate content and plagirism

This in turn should ring alarm bells for anybody sending out links via automated tools using the "default comment" or the "inbuilt text/article/comment generator" that the tool comes with. It's probably just not good enough.

But I decided to take this whole experiment a step further and look back at all my sites.

Those of you that follow my posts here know I have many sites of my own and also has several dozen "bricks and mortar" clients for whom I optimise their on-site SEO and produce web and linking structures for off-site linking.

Over the last four days I have been analysing {in-depth - becasue my livlihood depends on it} the ups and downs of almost 80 sites from niche's ranging from garden furniture to weddings, mixed martial arts gear to motorbikes.

And there is one telling factor which distinguishes those sites who have performed well since 24 April against those that have performed badly. And that factor is not their links.

There is an uncanny and almost exact relation between the quality and uniqueness of content that I use particularly on the Web 2.0 sites that surround the main money pages and the ranking that the main site now has.

I'm lucky in making sites in two different ways and having a clear demarkation of one type of site from another - let me explain...

Like many of you in Internet marketing I am sometimes a little bit lazy, if something works doing it the lazy way that is the way I do it.
Now, in my position as having many "bricks and mortar" clients I can't afford to be lazy with those. When I write content to support their sites and post it on Blogger.com, Squidoo or whatever, it has to be unique, in context and high quality. Why?
Because I need to provide my clients with a list of the links i've made every month and for all I know they check every single one.

Guess what?

I've had several phone calls from extremely happy clients the last few days telling me how well their sites have gone up and how well their business is doing
Some have been struggling in the same position low on page one for search terms for months, in a couple of cases it's been years struggling to maintain a page one position of 5 or 6.

Many of them have now jumped 3 or 4 places up. The sites they have leapfrogged are ones I know well, once I've analysed them often and often wondered why the bloody hell they are there in the first place.
I've looked at my competitors... or should I say my clients competitors, sites with a microscope month after month and could not the life of me work out why spam filled site with a load of spam filled links should rank above my clients. I had a similar number of links - and my links were better, they had better content around them, they were on well maintained WEB2 sites and on article profiles in very good standing with 20 or 30 articles on them.
Now these well preserved and content rich WEB2 properites and the sites they support have shot up in the ranking.

But, in contrast when I build my own sites and only have to answer to myself of the results I have taken some shortcuts.

It's probably something we all do. I have always used 100% unique content on my own sites, but on the WEB2.0's, particularly some of the old ones before I "mended my ways" I used all sorts of crud as content. It was nearly all scraped, spun plagirised content. I've gathered content from all over the place. If it ranked - I was happy. The least cost and the least effort the better.

Have another guess what's happened here?

Well done - you've won a goldfish. The Web 2.0 sites and article sites that were full of cheap am a plagiarised unspun content have been the ones worse hit. They have mostly been deindexed altogether. Blam - bye bye shitty content.

Like many of you I have multiple accounts with sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, WordPress.com and many others. There is an uncanny and almost exact correlation between those that have thrived and those that have been destroyed.
The correlation relates to the quality, uniqueness and readability of content.

Have a look at Google's own explanation of this latest update. Yes it mentions over optimisation, but the examples it uses talk mostly about content not links and yet here we all are worrying almost exclusively about links.

Get your heads out of your asses and understand that 80% of the changes that have occurred are to do with the content that surrounds your links.

My 5 cents worth?

Keep getting links, keep altering your method and using as many platforms as you can, minimising interlinking and only use unique and cleverly designed structures so as not to form an easily identifiable foot print.But above all....

If you really want to succeed you are going to need better content, and quite a lot more of it.
Maybe bookmark this post, because when this becomes blindingly apparent to all those who are going to flame me below [and I can feel the matches being lit] I will take great pleasure in coming back here and saying "I told you so". Sure that would be childish - but also damn satisfying.
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Why You Might Be Missing The Point of Googles Latest Update
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