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PostSubject: The SEO Results System   The SEO Results System EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 8:39 am


I think you will find this guide to be incredibly effective in igniting your site to the top of the Google rankings.

If you have a website that you want to breathe some life into, then pay attention and follow the steps in this guide to get high rankings in Google in under 30 days!

goes without saying, that in highly competitive markets its going to
take you longer than 30 days to get the positions your after. However,
there are some specific strategies discussed throughout this guide, if
you are in tough markets.

I only engage in White (…and slightly grey) hat SEO strategies. So, you will not learn any black hat SEO from me.
Long term success lies in following ethical SEO marketing strategies.

Preface: Understanding What Google Wants

We all know
that Google is the biggest driver of search engine traffic there is, so
focusing on any other search engines in this guide would be pointless.

Firstly, I want you to forget everything you think you know about SEO and try this exercise… think about this!
(Taking into account Google’s billion dollar market share..)

If Google was your company and you wanted to protect your reputation
beyond anything else by having the highest quality results to deliver to
the millions of searches that use your website everyday… What would

I would employ the smartest people in the world to create a algorithm that filters out all the junk websites that exist so that people who came to my site had the best experience possible and found exactly what they were looking for.

once I build up trust, because my results are better than any other
website, people will return and recommend my site to others..

…Then from the shear volume of people that will visit my site I can sell advertising space and increase my market share that way…

Sound familiar…?
Yeah, maybe that’s a little obvious but, let me ask you this… Are you building a real business?

not talking about creating 100’s of websites that each make $5 per day,
I did this back in 2004 and if your following that path, then I highly
recommend you reconsider and put your focus on building an authority site around your passion or a handful of sites focusing on a topic that you enjoy…

Google Ranking factors

We all know that Google are the only ones that really know all of (possibly 100’s) the factors that make up their algorithm.

However, here are the most important factors for ranking highly in Google…

• External keyword targetted anchor text
• External links (Quality/Quantity)
• A diverse backlink profile (IP’s/sources)
• Trust & authority of domain (Age/TrustRank/Pagerank)

Anything other than these four factors including all onpage optimization is secondary and less important than the above.

Sites can rank for keywords that are not even mentioned on the website at all,... based purely on external factors...

you know the most important factors for ranking with the world’s
biggest search engine, let’s move on to igniting your site to the top…

Step 1: Preliminary Checks Before Starting Any SEO Campaign

Before we get into the meat of this report and begin igniting your site
to higher rankings, there’s a few checks that need to be done first…

Traffic & Profits Test
Before you embark on any SEO campaign its vitally important that you
understand whether the chosen keywords you are optimizing your webites
pages for are going to bring you…

Traffic & Profits
you know for sure whether the keywords your optimizing for are going to
result in a profit for you, why would you spend your valuable time
trying to getting ranked for them? Most people just choose a bunch of
keywords and optimize their site with the keywords that Google suggests.

Here’s what you should be doing..

Testing them with PPC first.
…Then tracking the results.

This step will reduce the time it takes for you to reach your profit goals when moving thorough this report..

Note: Focus on the keywords that will bring you the highest profit first with the strategies discussed in this report.

With PPC, you can often get data back in a few days on what keywords are profitable and what’s not…
Checking Your Google Status
Another test you may want to do on your site is knowing your standing with Google in the organic rankings.

has varying degree’s of filtering that can be applied to your website
if they believe your trying to manipulate the algorithm in some way.

Filtering can prevent you from ranking highly in Google and can include, the:

. Supplemental Index

. Google Sandbox

. Varying Degree’s of applied penalties

Penalties: Penalties are usually applied to sites that engage in
serious manipulation of Google’s algorithm. Like buying links for
example. If you’ve lost the Pagerank on your site and been booted from
the top 1000 positions, then you need to clean up anything shady that
you did and file a reconsideration request here:


Until the penalty has been lifted from your site, I’m afraid the strategies in this guide will not help your site at all.

Index: The supplemental index is getting more common and more often
than not is the result of “On-Site” duplicate content…

The best
way to test for the supplemental index is to perform a search on a
string of text that appears on one of your websites pages…

For example.. On the sales page for this report, let’s say for example there is a string of text that says:

“The Ignition Effect is the exact 7 step strategy I use”
…What you need to do, is search for the string, like this…

You will be presented with the results, and if your site is not visible, but you get this…

your site is in the supplemental index and it’s important you pay
particular attention to Step 3 in this guide to overcome this issue.

Sandbox: The Google Sandbox is sometimes applied to new sites in some
industries… Sandboxing is an aging filter that Google applies to new
sites that prevents them ranking highly... There is no one specific
strategy to pull your site out of the Sandbox, although following the
steps in this guide will help in getting results quicker than you would

--Sidebar-- If you want more information about The
Google Sandbox, you can pick up a copy of my =Google Sandbox Effect‘
report for more specific details. –-End—

Step 2: Why You Should Be Using Google Webmaster Tools

If you have not got a Google Webmaster Tools account, then why not? GWT
gives you some valuable information that you want to constantly keep an
eye on.

Broken Links
The more broken links you have on your
site the more damage your doing to your rankings. I recommend you run a
spider on your site to make sure you have no broken links or 404 error
pages with the following software.


…Then periodically check in Google Webmaster Tools that no 404 errors are identified.

Broken External Links

If you have a site that has been around a while there is a very high
chance that a large majority of your backlinks are using incorrect URL’s
pointing into your site.

example: Let say you have website about dogs and an internal page is:

It’s not uncommon to find links that point to:

…and many other incorrect URL’s…

This is bad for two reasons:
. Google will see a 404 error when trying to find the page
. The link juice into that long tail page will not count towards its ranking in the search engines

is why it is so important to have a Google Webmaster Tools account.
Without it, you could be missing out on link juice from hundreds of
links you never knew about.

The image on the right (above) shows
where in GWT you need to go to find out if Google encountered any crawl
errors with external links…

Below is what you will see, if you have internal or external links into your site that are incorrect…

If you see under detail, there are 404 errors, you need to take action on the URL’s and redirect them to the correct location.

Here’s how it’s done..

Implementing a 301 Redirect

In your .htaccess file you want to ensure you have the following line of text for each incorrect location:
Redirect 301 /poodle.htm

Obvioulsly, the line above is an example of that shown. You will have to check your GWT account for your exact URL’s.

Here’s a broken down explanation… This line:

Redirect 301 /poodle.htm
Tell’s your server that for any page called with this filename, to redirect visitors to this URL with a 301 response code:

The 301 response code will tell Google that the page has moved and you want to credit the link juice to the new location.

Most people completely overlook the above… If you had 40 external
backlinks pointing into your site showing a 404 error and you fixed them
up, as above…

…It could mean the difference between a No 10 ranking & a top 3 ranking Smile

Duplicate Content Issues

Another reason you want a GWT account is so that you are notified of
any duplicate content issues that exist within your own site that Google

Having duplicate content on your own site is a ranking destroyer and can even see your site buried in the supplemental index.

Webmaster Tools will show you the pages that have duplicate content
problems associated with them, then you just need to take action on
those pages to make them unique.

On a new domain, duplicate
content can also be a problem offsite. By this I mean, on a new site if
the content you use on your site is all from syndicated feeds, copied
content or you you’ve syndicated your content across the internet, this
can be a major cause of your site entering the supplemental index..

We’ll talk about specific strategies to overcome both of these now…

Step 3: Refresh Your Content And On Page SEO

Fresh content is more important in Google now with the latest algorithm
update than ever before, therefore if you want to jump start your site
in the Google rankings, you want to start with your existing content.

Existing Content

Read through your existing content. Does it need updating? If so,
update it with more information. Then ping the search engines to come
and spider that page.

This is especially important to jump start your site if your experiencing filtering from the Google supplemental index.

your site is badly affected by the supplemental index and the content
from your site has been syndicated throughout the internet, then
updating your existing content is extremely important..

Title Tags

Employing unique title tags across your site is one of the most basic
SEO guidelines and it amazes me when I still see sites that don’t have
unique titles that clearly describe what the page of content is about.
Make sure all your Title tags clearly describe the content that the
visitor will read, while including your main keywords.

You title
tags should be viewed like a classified ad. You want to entice the
click. You do this by including your main keyword & related keywords
within a compelling title..

Don’t do this:

Keyword 1 | Keyword 2 | Keyword 3 | Keyword 4

Description Tag

The same can be said of description tags. It’s actually better
have no description tags describing your content pages that it is to
have the same description tag employed across your whole site.

it unique and compelling for each page of content while ensuring you
include your main keyword and a few related keywords. If not, just get
rid of it completely.

Heading Tags

Even though this
is becoming far less important that it used to be, it’s still good
practice to employ good compelling heading tags across your site in the
form of H1, H2, H3 heading tags.

Use a similar title for your page that you employed in the TITLE tag of your webpage.

Make it keyword rich and compelling..

Do you think people will read your content with the heading of just the keyword you want to rank for in Google?

you use smaller heading tags (h2,h3,h4) for subheadings throughout your
content while focusing these on related keywords to the main theme of
your content page.

Image Alt Tags
Alt text – applied correctly in your images is more important than most people realize.

want to clearly describe what your content related image is about while
ensuring you use keywords in the Alternate description.

Don’t overdo it and stuff tons of related keywords in there. Describe the image around your keywords.
Step 4: ‘Little Known’ Internal Linking Strategies
Internal linking within your own site is one of the most underutilized techniques in SEO today… Why?

Because most people don’t understand how to do it and when implemented correctly, can be very powerful!

advanced internal linking structures would require a whole new guide in
itself. However, here are some little known strategies you can employ
to ignite your site and boost your existing internal linking.

The Basic Strategy

a page by page basis you want to query Google and see what other theme
related pages exist for that page of content on your site.

Then strategically link them together.

Let me explain…
say you ran a PPC campaign and identified that “Dog Leads” was a
profitable keyword. Therefore, we want to improve the rankings on this
page on your site:


So, you need to actually think about this for a second and understand what broader theme this content is describing…

So here is what I’ve come up with…
. Dog Accessories
. Dog Products

Then you want to query Google like this:
site:yourdogsite.com dog accessories

This will show you what other pages exist on your site under that theme…
Why is this important?

Because Google will give you more credit when linking pages together that fall into a related theme.

Linking Theme Related Pages

The next step is to link these pages together using keyword focused anchor text within the body copy.
(Make sure you use anchor text using the keywords that you’ve identifed as profitable and therefore want to rank for…)
I want you to read that first sentence above again, because here is the part most people get wrong…
…within the body copy.

Not many people realize that linking ‘theme related’ pages together in
the body copy of your site, (preferably in the first 200 words) of
content carries *exponentially* more weight than linking to that page in
the footer of your site or the sidebar…
…Please understand that above, it’s that important!

Step 5: Ignite Your Site By Blogging, Pinging & Internal Linking

Most people cringe at the thought of running a blog. However, to jump start the SEO on your site, it’s perfect!

Here’s why!

When you post to a blog a ping is sent out that let’s the search engine spiders know you just posted new content..

implemented correctly, you’ll have the search engines visiting your
content in a matter of minutes to gobble up all that juicy content you
just posted.

Tip: Any content you post ensure you link to
internal pages of your site, following the same strategies that we
talked about earlier. Having Google check out your blog content and
following links to your internal, theme related content will soar your
rankings for those long tail pages if used consistently.

Correctly Pinging

If you over ping the ping servers, you’ll get blacklisted from these
services and the search engines will not spider your site and soon as we
would like.

Firstly, here is the ping list you should be using:


You don’t need to ping a massive amount of servers as you could be duplicating your pinging efforts to the same services.

These are all you need.

Also, a flaw in Wordpress can cause overpinging if you are constantly editing pages in the dashboard.

I recommend you get a plugin to prevent overpinging of individual pages.. You can get that here:


Content Ideas

Most people hate the thought of running a blog as they
believe they can’t stay on top of the demands of producing good content.

You don’t need to write excellent content everyday to boost your
traffic and rankings.. Once per week will be fine and you don’t have to
be an accomplished writer to do this..

Here’s how it’s done..

Step 1: Sign up for a Google reader account and make it your Broswers homepage.

Step 2: Go to Technorati.com and sort the blogs in your industry by the most popular.

Step 3: Grab the RSS feed of top 10 sites in your market by their Techorati popularity and add them to Google Reader.

4: Do several keyword searches on Twitter relating to your market and
grab the RSS feed for all the searches… Then combine all the RSS feeds
into one feed with RSSMIX.com – then add this to Google Reader too.

5: As above do the same with Google Alerts and add the top 10 keywords
in your market to alert you with an RSS feed… Add this feed to Google
Reader also..

…Then every morning you open your browser, your ‘Hand Delivered’ all the hot news, trends, stories and gossip in your market.

…Here’s how to use that content for your own blog..

1. Content Curator
can take all the content on a particular topic and collate them
together into a 100% unique post that you create yourself. Then link to
the various sources for more information for your visitors.

2. Content Rewriter
can copy the content from other blogs and rewrite the sentences to make
them 100% unique. You can also grab images and videos from Youtube and
write a sentence introducing the content.

3. Content Commenter
and paste the content from the best blogs in your market and then every
paragraph, just add your own comment on what you think… Then trackback
the original post for a link back.

4. Newsmaster
Using the
content you get from the feeds as ideas….create your own 100% unique
content that people love… List posts work very well, top 10 this, 7 best
that.. etc..

Note: It is always best to create a mixture of the
above strategies on your blog. Paying particular attention to bringing
your market the latest news in your industry..

Think you can manage that?

not nearly as difficult as it seems, you just want to deliver the hot
news in your market and link back to your internal pages with keyword
focused anchor text.
…and it doesn’t need to be 400 words
everytime.. Posting 100-200 words of news in your market will get
indexed and ranked just fine... Try it yourself!

You’ll thank me when you see the difference this will make to your rankings overtime…

Wordpress Plugins

If your not using Wordpress for your blog then I highly recommend you think twice about it.

There are some specific plugins for Wordpress that make jump starting your SEO an absolute breeze…
If you’ve never heard of ping.fm then you are missing out big time… First goto:

Create an account and follow the instructions to setup the various accounts that they autopost to on your behalf.

You also want to search in your Wordpress dashboard for Ping.fm and follow the instructions to configure the plugin.

this plugin will do, once correctly setup, will post a snippet of your
blog posts you create to 30+ online social sites like Twitter, Facebook

You can configure as many as you want to update when you post to your blog.

only does this get you backlinks which jumpstarts the SEO for your
site, you’ll start seeing an increase in traffic across the board…

Where possible, use the full URL of your blog posts, not the bit.ly
links.. You’ll see better results for ranking those long tail pages.
Even though most of the sites are nofollow – a few of them are followed

Plus, when your snippets get syndicated you get the full
link juice into your internal pages. (Although syndication is an
advanced strategy for another time Smile

XML Sitemaps
people still don’t utilize Google compliant sitemaps remains a mystery.
If you have a large website your indexing will suffer without one
(unless you have massive authority)

So search in your Wordpress dashboard for Google XML sitemaps and use it..

Make sure you add your sitemap URL, which will be:


…to Google Webmaster Tools and ensure your robots.txt is updated with the following syntax code.


Step 6: 17 Powerful ‘Underutilized’ Backlinking Strategies

Ok, I guess this is the part that most of you have been waiting for, so
without further ado, here is how to jumpstart your SEO with external

Now, this is by no means an extensive backlink
battleplan, but it will significantly jumpstart your efforts on a domain
that’s been sitting dormant for a while..

In the title, I say underutilized because a lot of people don’t implement these strategies correctly… Here’s how their done…

Press Release Syndication

I recommend you first jump start your site to life with a syndicated Press Release sent through http://prweb.com/
Althrough this is an expensive route to take, it’s by far the best exposure you can get with the SEO option in PrWeb..

The SEO option in PrWeb allows you to embed anchor text in the release.
Don’t forget to link to some internal pages aswell as your homepage.

Try to include something newsworthy about your site to get maximum syndication from each release.

If PRWeb.com is a little on the expensive side for you, I recommend you go to http://www.99centarticles.com/
They will hand submit your press release to over 150 sites and it’s a pretty good service they offer for very little cost.

recommend sending a press release every week (assuming you have other
news to discuss) to really get the ball rolling for your site.

you want to outsource the creation of your releases, I recommend you go
the quality route and choose a quality PR writer from this site:

A quality release will get syndicated and have a much more powerful effect that a junk release you’ll pay $5 for.

Niche Directories

Seek out 5-10 high quality niche directories in your market and list
your site with them. These are valuable *often overlooked* links that
you can find here.

Niche directories are a good source of links
as they are topically relevant and most of the time your competitors
totally overlook them.

You can find more niche directories with the following Google search string:
{keyword} .Directory. OR .Directories. OR .Search Engine.

Article Directories

Article directories should be seen as a form of leverage in order to gain natural links back to your site.. How?

By submitting your best work.. End of!

Submit your best quality articles to the top 5-10 article directories and let the power of syndication take its toll.

Here are my favorites:


1000’s of webmasters and bloggers browse EzineArticles and other
article sites on a daily basis looking for content they can use. You
just need to be able to write titles that get attention and peak their
interest in your work.

In my opinion submitting articles to the
article directories and optimizing the TITLE tag and body content to get
ranked in Google to drive traffic to your site is a waste of time.

time is better spent creating useful, engaging articles that people
will pick up from the article sites and use them on their own sites with
a link back to your site.

Syndication is extremely powerful in
SEO and the best way to ensure this is what happens is to write quality
articles that people will want to use on their own sites.

Blog Commenting

You want to find related blogs in your
market, regardless of NOFOLLOW. Go to: Google Blog Search and search for
intitle: “Your Main Keyword”.

This will highlight tons of blogs
that are discussing your topic. Grab the RSS feed and input it into your
Google Reader. Set this as your homepage and then make a point of every
morning leaving a couple comments on related blogs..

with thoughtful, useful blog comments. Add to the conversation going on.
Use ‘your name’ linking back to your site, include an avatar too.

spam your keywords. Instead build trust and credibility, and you’ll
Naturally gain traffic and links in abundance if your site is

Forum Interaction

Go to Google and search for intitle:
“Your Main Keyword” – then click on the link to the left called
‘Discussions’. You’ll find 1000’s of forums with threads discussing your
exact topic..

It goes without saying.. Add value!!

Add value to the forum, leave your comments, help others.

a link to your site in your signature after you add significant value
to the forum, make the link go to a good blog post of yours or something
of value.. A free report perhaps!!

However, don’t see this as a
place to get link juice.. View it as a traffic generator to get eyeballs
to your site.. If you provide value on your site people will reward you
by bookmarking it, linking to it, etc..

Social Media

Social media when used correctly can be the biggest source of
links for your site. The important thing to focus on is to make a concious effort to interact with people in your marketplace.

friends, build relationships and participate in conversations. People
will begin to like you and trust you and these relationships can lead to
opportunities to spread your message, content and links around the
internet. Create accounts at these sites and get involved.


Video Distribution

Create a simple video with Animoto or
Camtasia and distribute it with TubeMogul to the top video sharing
sites. This is great for traffic generation if your stick with it, and
also gains some good links in the process.

Competitor Research
Your competitors are ranking at the top of Google for the positions that you are seeking.

So, it only makes sense to check out how they got there.

The 2 tools I use to do this are:


The two services will show you the backlinks that your competition already have pointing to their site.

You always find gold nuggets of links doing this…
I recommend you take your top 5 keywords and search in Google for those.

Then for each keyword make a note of all the sites on the front page of Google.

Take all these x10 sites x5 keywords = 50 websites and run them through the services above.

You’ll find some high quality links that you can get for yourself quite easily. .

Google Alerts
Setup Google Alerts on your competitors in the search engines and also on the top 10 keywords you want to rank for.

this up to email you everytime Google spiders a site that links to your
competitors or when content around your keywords are found.

Make a point of checking out these sites that you get emailled about everyday and see where you can get links from.

Another good strategy is to place the titles of your articles into Google Alerts.

This will highlight who has picked up your content from the article directories.

you find some good sites are picking up your articles you may want to
contact them to provide unique articles to them in return for more

Guest Posting
Guest posting is a very effective method to gain exposure for your website and get some good quality backlinks in the process.

guest posting opportunities in your market is not that difficult. You
can find blogs in your market that accept guest posts with the following
Google search string.
{keyword} .guest blogger. OR .guest post. OR .guest article.

RSS Syndication
If you have a new site, I don’t recommend you implement this strategy. Because RSS syndication can get your content
snippets spread wide around the internet and in some cases this can push your site into the supplemental index..

RSS syndication when used correctly for an existing site can be a
powerful way to *exponentially* increase your backlinks and the power of
your existing backlinks and have Google caching your content every few

Correctly implementing this strategy would require a whole guide in itself as it’s quite confusing..

However, think like this:

backlink you obtain to your site can be turned into an RSS feed using
sites like this and this, even if the site does not use feeds…
you want to *exponentially* increase the power of your links, keep track
of all the backlinks you build and turn a percentage (not all) of them
into RSS feeds using services like that above…
You will them take
those RSS Feeds and combine them.. This is often called a mashup, to
create even more RSS feeds with sites like this:


Then you take all the feeds you’ve created and submit the lot to feed aggregators, such as:


HUGE TIP: Once you’ve created all your feeds..

Create a single mashup of them all with
to create a single feed…. Then ping this feed and add it to Google
Reader… This will get all your backlinks spidered and indexed in
Google... .

Content Sharing & Linkwheels

There are tons of
content sharing sites online where you can place you content in return
for a link back to your site.. Some are FOLLOWED links and others are
Here is a sample of these sites:

http://www.squidoo.com http://www.hubpages.com http://www.livejournal.com http://www.vox.com http://www.jimdo.com http://www.wetpaint.com http://www.yola.com/ http://www.posterous.com http://www.weebly.com

Although these are effective places to get links to your sites, I don’t recommend you go crazy with it.

In my opinion your time is better spent creating excellent content for your own site that will get naturally linked to.

With that said, I usually outsource this type of work as the links do give us an extra boost in the search engines.

I outsource my LinkWheels here. Social Bookmarking

to above Social Bookmarking are a source of good links but due to the
amount of spam associated with them, their effectiveness will only
continue to decline.

For that reason I don’t recommend you manually bookmark your own content as your time is better spent with other things.

Social Bookmarking is great for boosting the power of your external
backlinks and when used correctly can be a good source of traffic too.

I recommend you use a service called:

This is the easiest way to bookmark your own content and your external backlinks with a single click.

don’t stop there. Bookmark interesting sites and news stories in your
industry. This not only looks more natural to Google, it’s just good
karma .

In return you’ll start getting traffic to your own
bookmarked pages from the 10,000’s of people who use sites like
delicious on a daily basis.

Provide value to the community!

Private Blog Networks

Most private blog networks are junk and I’ve tested nearly all of them
that are available. I won’t talk about the specific good and bad
networks in this guide but I will recommend the one that I’ve seen
consistent and good quality results from and that network it Linkvana.

The owner maintains a high quality network and protects it like it’s his baby. I won’t tell you how, but It works!

don’t engage in the use of spinning as I believe this is a short
sighted strategy, so no you won’t see me recommending networks that
submit your spun article to thousands of sites.

I believe the best results are achieved with good quality content that gets talked about and syndicated online naturally.

Blog Reviews

Blog reviews are great to get an influx of links to your site and it
can be quite cheap if you look around. Here are the sites I recommend
you check out.


can get blogs to review your site and post a few hundred words of
content on their site with a link to your content for less than $0.25 in
come cases Smile
…and you know what?

There are tens of thousands of blogs available in those sites above that offer hand written reviews of your product or service..

the more you pay the better qualiy site your link will be placed on but
this is a highly effective strategy if you have the funds to pay for
thousands of reviews..

Blog Directories
If your website is a blog then submitting your site and RSS
feed to the blog directories is a good source of traffic and links.. Here are the top blog directories to submit your site to:


Link Baiting

Creating link bait style content and posting it on your site is one of
the best ways to get natural links to your site. It can drive huge
amounts of links and is the secret strategy that many top SEO’s put the
majority of their focus on. However, it is tough to do.

Making this work is well beyond the scope of this document, but I couldn’t resist in whetting your appetite, so here is a…
Tip: To really make this work, you need a huge following in your social
media accounts that will share your content, then the more traffic you
get to your content (assuming its good, funny, clever, useful,
whatever!) it will get linked to and bookmarked.

To get this off
to a good start make sure you fully utilize the “Digg”, “ReTweet” and
“Facebook Share” buttons in full view on your site. Then you just need
eyeballs, so aside from promoting your content piece in your own social
media channels, give it a push with the following services.


2 services are golden, they connect job providers with job seekers and
you can pay as little as $0.05 for people all over the world to digg,
tweet and share your content.

For as little as $100 you could have 2000 different social media accounts all over the world, promoting your content.

Step 7: The #1 Secret For Instantly Getting Authority In Google Allowing You To Rank For Highly Competitive Keywords

How… Buying an aged domain.

Buying an aged domain is an often overlooked, but extremely poweful strategy for igniting your SEO efforts.

Just think about this…
if you could buy a domain that already has a Pagerank score of 5 in
Google and that domain is 7 years old, with positive history and high
authority in Google.

What if you could take all those positive attributes and pass them over to your site?

Well… It is possible… and it’s not nearly as difficult to correctly implement as most people think.

Finding an Aged Domain
There are many places to buy an aged domain online, here are a few of them:


However, one of the best places is and always will be Domain Registrar auctions. Here is my favourite.


only problem with GoDaddy Auctions is that you won’t be able to see the
domain age of the sites. However, there is a service that you can use
to research their domains at:


Choosing an aged domain
Choosing a domain name that will benefit you is extremely important so listen carefully.

buying an aged domain you need to make sure it is going to benefit you,
so there are a few preliminary checks you need to perform first.

Age: The older the better.

The older a domain, the more trustworthy it is, get as old as possible. However, at a minimum go for 2 years if possible.

Domain ranking: Does the site rank in Google when you type its domain name?

Google and search for: domainname.com – if it doesn’t show number 1 in
Google when you do this search, forget that name, and move on to your
next choice.

Backlinks: Quantity/Quality.

Check the
backlinks to the site with Yahoo Site Explorer. You want to make sure it
has at least 50 links pointing to the domain and not all from one
domain. More importantly look at the source of the links. Are they all
from bookmarking sites, forum profiles or spam networks? If so, move on.

Pagerank: Minium of pagerank 1.

goes without saying that the higher the pagerank the better. But for
our purposes of avoiding the sandbox it’s not that important. Just make
sure it has a PR1 at the very least.

Transferring The Attributes
the attributes over from the aged domain to your website requires you
follow a set procedure to implement what is known as a 301 redirect… so
listen up!
A 301 redirect done correctly instructs Google that the
domain name has changed, and to credit all the backlinks and history to
the my new website URL. Here is a visual example:

ageddomain.com ---> 301 redirect ---> newdomain.com

is not as complicated as it sounds and implemented correctly is a
secret that SEO’s use to boost rankings on their clients sites…

There are however, a few guidelines you must follow to ensure a smooth transition.

If this is not done correctly Google will not credit the backlinks from the aged domain to your website.

Here's how it’s done.

you are on an Apache server, which 99% of people are, In the root
folder of the aged domain, you need to create a file called index.php
then just and add in the following code:

replace the “yourdomain.com” part above. Add in your that you want to
credit the backlinks and history with from the aged domain.

If your more experienced you may want to do this in your .htaccess
file, but I recommend the edit to the index.php file if you’re a
beginner to all this as it can cause server issues.

Now, just visit the aged domain and make sure that your browser redirects to your website.

depending on the pagerank and the amount of backlinks the aged domain
had, you just need to wait a while for Google to transfer all its
attributes over to your domain.

This can take anywhere between 1-6 weeks to take effect.

Google webmaster tools

A very important step in the
process is to authenticate the domains with Google before you do
anything else. For this strategy to work properly you will need to open
a Google Webmaster Tools account.

If you don’t tell Google that you are the valid owner of both of the domains, the strategy above will not work.

Once logged into GWT, you need to click on “Change of address in the “Site configuration” menu, as shown opposite.

On that page it will tell you exactly what you need to do, it explains things far better than I could.

Step 8: What The Latest June 2010 Algorithm Update Requires Of You Going Forward
Apart from two Google engineers, no-one knows what Google tweaks in their algorithm to improve their results..

The fact remains, they are on a constant quest to make sure their results are of the highest quality possible.

However, based on my observations, I’m seeing that fresh content is now a major contributor to higher rankings than ever before.

For this reason, I highly recommend you take action on Step 5 in this guide.

can always outsource the creation of market news in your industry but,
you are going to need a constant stream of fresh content on your site.

per month is better than nothing, once per week is even better than
that… It goes without saying that the more frequently you update your
blog, the better your results will be long term.

Trust is also more of an important factor now in Google and I believe will only get more so into the future.

the amount of spam sites that continually try to game the system, it
only makes sense that Google wil get smarter and smarter at filtering
them out with a Trust scale.

Although not it’s correct name, some
will call this TrustRank and this will only become a more important
factor in Google in the future.

Gaining Trust with Google comes from a variety of factors:

. Age of domain
. A diverse backlink profile
. Quality backlinks
. Quality fresh content

Recommended Resources

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Blog Networks:




Xenu Link Sleuth


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Press Release Syndication:


Blog Reviews:


Social Bookmarking:


Blog Directories:


Article Directories:


Social Media Sites:


Video Distribution:


RSS Mashup Sites:


RSS Feed Aggregators:


Web 2.0 Content Sharing Sites:


Finding Aged Domains:

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