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PostSubject: 77 Seo points   77 Seo points EmptyTue Jan 03, 2012 10:36 pm

1Keywords in tag</td><td width="62%">This is one of the most important places to have a <br />keyword because what is written inside the <title> tag shows <br />in search results as your page title. The title tag must be short <br />(6 or 7 words at most) and the the keyword must be near the <br />beginning.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">2</td><td width="24%">Keywords in URL</td><td width="62%">Keywords in URLs help a lot – e.g. , where “SEO <br />services” is the keyword phrase you attempt to rank well for. But <br />if you don’t have the keywords in other parts of the document, <br />don’t rely on having them in the URL.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">3</td><td width="24%">Keyword density in document text</td><td width="62%">Another very important factor you need to check. 3-7 % <br />for major keywords is best, 1-2 for minor. Keyword density of over <br />10% is suspicious and looks more like keyword stuffing, than a <br /> naturally written text.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">4</td><td width="24%">Keywords in anchor text</td><td width="62%">Also very important, especially for the anchor text of <br />inbound links, because if you have the keyword in the anchor text <br />in a link from another site, this is regarded as getting a vote <br />from this site not only about your site in general, but about the <br /> keyword in particular.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">5</td><td width="24%">Keywords in headings (<H1>, <H2>, etc. tags)</td><td width="62%">One more place where keywords count a lot. But beware that your page has actual text about the particular keyword.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">6</td><td width="24%">Keywords in the beginning of a document</td><td width="62%">Also counts, though not as much as anchor text, title <br />tag or headings. However, have in mind that the beginning of a <br />document does not necessarily mean the first paragraph – for <br />instance if you use tables, the first paragraph of text might be in<br /> the second half of the table.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">7</td><td width="24%">Keywords in <alt> tags</td><td width="62%">Spiders don’t read images but they do read their textual<br /> descriptions in the <alt> tag, so if you have images on your<br /> page, fill in the <alt> tag with some keywords about them.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">8</td><td width="24%">Keywords in metatags</td><td width="62%">Less and less important, especially for Google. Yahoo! <br />and Bing still rely on them, so if you are optimizing for Yahoo! or<br /> Bing, fill these tags properly. In any case, filling these tags <br /> properly will not hurt, so do it.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">9</td><td width="24%">Keyword proximity</td><td width="62%">Keyword proximity measures how close in the text the <br />keywords are. It is best if they are immediately one after the <br />other (e.g. “dog food”), with no other words between them. For <br /> instance, if you have “dog” in the first paragraph and “food” in <br />the third paragraph, this also counts but not as much as having the<br /> phrase “dog food” without any other words in between. Keyword <br />proximity is applicable for keyword phrases that consist of 2 or <br />more words.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">10</td><td width="24%">Keyword phrases</td><td width="62%">In addition to keywords, you can optimize for keyword <br />phrases that consist of several words – e.g. “SEO services”. It is <br />best when the keyword phrases you optimize for are popular ones, so<br /> you can get a lot of exact matches of the search string but <br />sometimes it makes sense to optimize for 2 or 3 separate keywords <br />(“SEO” and “services”) than for one phrase that might occasionally <br />get an exact match.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">11</td><td width="24%">Secondary keywords</td><td width="62%">Optimizing for secondary keywords can be a golden mine <br />because when everybody else is optimizing for the most popular <br />keywords, there will be less competition (and probably more hits) <br />for pages that are optimized for the minor words. For instance, <br /> “real estate new jersey” might have thousand times less hits than<br /> “real estate” only but if you are operating in New Jersey, you <br />will get less but considerably better targeted traffic.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">12</td><td width="24%">Keyword stemming</td><td width="62%">For English this is not so much of a factor because <br />words that stem from the same root (e.g. dog, dogs, doggy, etc.) <br />are considered related and if you have “dog” on your page, you will<br /> get hits for “dogs” and “doggy” as well, but for other languages <br /> keywords stemming could be an issue because different words that <br /> stem from the same root are considered as not related and you <br />might need to optimize for all of them.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">13</td><td width="24%">Synonyms</td><td width="62%">Optimizing for synonyms of the target keywords, in <br />addition to the main keywords. This is good for sites in English, <br />for which search engines are smart enough to use synonyms as well, <br />when ranking sites but for many other languages synonyms are not <br /> taken into account, when calculating rankings and relevancy.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">14</td><td width="24%">Keyword Mistypes</td><td width="62%">Spelling errors are very frequent and if you know that <br />your target keywords have popular misspellings or alternative <br />spellings (i.e. Christmas and Xmas), you might be tempted to <br />optimize for them. Yes, this might get you some more traffic but <br />having spelling mistakes on your site does not make a good <br />impression, so you’d better don’t do it, or do it only in the <br />metatags.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">15</td><td width="24%">Keyword dilution</td><td width="62%">When you are optimizing for an excessive amount of <br />keywords, especially unrelated ones, this will affect the <br />performance of all your keywords and even the major ones will be <br />lost (diluted) in the text.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">16</td><td width="24%">Keyword stuffing</td><td width="62%">Any artificially inflated keyword density (10% and over)<br /> is keyword stuffing and you risk getting banned from search <br />engines.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%"><br /></td><td colspan="3" width="93%">Links – internal, inbound, outbound</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">17</td><td width="24%">Anchor text of inbound links</td><td width="62%">As discussed in the Keywords section, this is one of the<br /> most important factors for good rankings. It is best if you have a<br /> keyword in the anchor text but even if you don’t, it is still <br /> OK.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">18</td><td width="24%">Origin of inbound links</td><td width="62%">Besides the anchor text, it is important if the site <br />that links to you is a reputable one or not. Generally sites with <br />greater Google PR are considered reputable.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">19</td><td width="24%">Links from similar sites</td><td width="62%">Having links from similar sites is very, very useful. It<br /> indicates that the competition is voting for you and you are <br />popular within your topical community.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">20</td><td width="24%">Links from .edu and .gov sites</td><td width="62%">These links are precious because .edu and .gov sites are<br /> more reputable than .com. .biz, .info, etc. domains. Additionally,<br /> such links are hard to obtain.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">21</td><td width="24%">Number of backlinks</td><td width="62%">Generally the more, the better. But the reputation of <br />the sites that link to you is more important than their number. <br />Also important is their anchor text, is there a keyword in it, how <br /> old are they, etc.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">22</td><td width="24%">Anchor text of internal links</td><td width="62%">This also matters, though not as much as the anchor text of inbound links.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">23</td><td width="24%">Around-the-anchor text</td><td width="62%">The text that is immediately before and after the anchor<br /> text also matters because it further indicates the relevance of <br />the link – i.e. if the link is artificial or it naturally flows in <br /> the text.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">24</td><td width="24%">Age of inbound links</td><td width="62%">The older, the better. Getting many new links in a short time suggests buying them.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">25</td><td width="24%">Links from directories</td><td width="62%">Great, though it strongly depends on which directories. <br />Being listed in DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and similar directories is a <br /> great boost for your ranking but having tons of links from PR0 <br /> directories is useless and it can even be regarded as link <br />spamming, if you have hundreds or thousands of such links.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">26</td><td width="24%">Number of outgoing links on the page that links to you</td><td width="62%">The fewer, the better for you because this way your link looks more important.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">27</td><td width="24%">Named anchors</td><td width="62%">Named anchors (the target place of internal links) are <br />useful for internal navigation but are also useful for SEO because <br />you stress additionally that a particular page, paragraph or text <br />is important. In the code, named anchors look like this: <A <br />href= “#dogs”>Read about dogs</A> and “#dogs” is the named<br /> anchor.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">28</td><td width="24%">IP address of inbound link</td><td width="62%">Google denies that they discriminate against links that <br />come from the same IP address or C class of addresses, so for <br />Google the IP address can be considered neutral to the weight of <br /> inbound links. However, Bing and Yahoo! may discard links from <br />the same IPs or IP classes, so it is always better to get links <br />from different IPs.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">29</td><td width="24%">Inbound links from link farms and other suspicious sites</td><td width="62%">This does not affect you in any way, provided that the <br />links are not reciprocal. The idea is that it is beyond your <br />control to define what a link farm links to, so you don’t get <br />penalized when such sites link to you because this is not your <br />fault but in any case you’d better stay away from link farms and <br />similar suspicious sites.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">30</td><td width="24%">Many outgoing links</td><td width="62%">Google does not like pages that consists mainly of <br />links, so you’d better keep them under 100 per page. Having many <br />outgoing links does not get you any benefits in terms of ranking <br />and could even make your situation worse.</td><td width="6%">-1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">31</td><td width="24%">Excessive linking, link spamming</td><td width="62%">It is bad for your rankings, when you have many links <br />to/from the same sites (even if it is not a cross- linking scheme <br />or links to bad neighbors) because it suggests link buying or at <br /> least spamming. In the best case only some of the links are <br />taken into account for SEO rankings.</td><td width="6%">-1</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">32</td><td width="24%">Outbound links to link farms and other suspicious sites</td><td width="62%">Unlike inbound links from link farms and other <br />suspicious sites, outbound links to bad neighbors can drown you. <br />You need periodically to check the status of the sites you link to <br /> because sometimes good sites become bad neighbors and vice <br />versa.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">33</td><td width="24%">Cross-linking</td><td width="62%">Cross-linking occurs when site A links to site B, site B<br /> links to site C and site C links back to site A. This is the <br />simplest example but more complex schemes are possible. <br />Cross-linking looks like disguised reciprocal link trading and is <br />penalized.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">34</td><td width="24%">Single pixel links</td><td width="62%">when you have a link that is a pixel or so wide it is <br />invisible for humans, so nobody will click on it and it is obvious <br />that this link is an attempt to manipulate search engines.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%"><br /></td><td colspan="3" width="93%">Metatags</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">35</td><td width="24%"><Description> metatag</td><td width="62%">Metatags are becoming less and less important but if <br />there are metatags that still matter, these are the <br /><description> and <keywords> ones. Use the <br /><Description> metatag to write the description of your site. <br />Besides the fact that metatags still rock on Bing and Yahoo!, the <br /><Description> metatag has one more advantage – it sometimes <br />pops in the description of your site in search results.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">36</td><td width="24%"><Keywords> metatag</td><td width="62%">The <Keywords> metatag also matters, though as all<br /> metatags it gets almost no attention from Google and some <br />attention from Bing and Yahoo! Keep the metatag reasonably long – <br />10 to 20 keywords at most. Don’t stuff the <Keywords> tag <br />with keywords that you don’t have on the page, this is bad for your<br /> rankings.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">37</td><td width="24%"><Language> metatag</td><td width="62%">If your site is language-specific, don’t leave this tag <br />empty. Search engines have more sophisticated ways of determining <br />the language of a page than relying on the <language>metatag <br />but they still consider it.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">38</td><td width="24%"><Refresh> metatag</td><td width="62%">The <Refresh> metatag is one way to redirect <br />visitors from your site to another. Only do it if you have recently<br /> migrated your site to a new domain and you need to temporarily <br />redirect visitors. When used for a long time, the <refresh> <br />metatag is regarded as unethical practice and this can hurt your <br />ratings. In any case, redirecting through 301 is much better.</td><td width="6%">-1</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%"><br /></td><td colspan="3" width="93%">Content</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">39</td><td width="24%">Unique content</td><td width="62%">Having more content (relevant content, which is <br />different from the content on other sites both in wording and <br />topics) is a real boost for your site’s rankings.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">40</td><td width="24%">Frequency of content change</td><td width="62%">Frequent changes are favored. It is great when you <br />constantly add new content but it is not so great when you only <br />make small updates to existing content.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">41</td><td width="24%">Keywords font size</td><td width="62%">When a keyword in the document text is in a larger font <br />size in comparison to other on-page text, this makes it more <br />noticeable, so therefore it is more important than the rest of the <br />text. The same applies to headings (<h1>, <h2>, etc.), <br />which generally are in larger font size than the rest of the text.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">42</td><td width="24%">Keywords formatting</td><td width="62%">Bold and italic are another way to emphasize important <br />words and phrases. However, use bold, italic and larger font sizes <br />within reason because otherwise you might achieve just the opposite<br /> effect.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">43</td><td width="24%">Age of document</td><td width="62%">Recent documents (or at least regularly updated ones) are favored.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">44</td><td width="24%">File size</td><td width="62%">Generally long pages are not favored, or at least you <br />can achieve better rankings if you have 3 short rather than 1 long <br /> page on a given topic, so split long pages into multiple smaller <br /> ones.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">45</td><td width="24%">Content separation</td><td width="62%">From a marketing point of view content separation (based<br /> on IP, browser type, etc.) might be great but for SEO it is bad <br />because when you have one URL and differing content, search engines<br /> get confused what the actual content of the page is.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">46</td><td width="24%">Poor coding and design</td><td width="62%">Search engines say that they do not want poorly designed<br /> and coded sites, though there are hardly sites that are banned <br /> because of messy code or ugly images but when the design and/or <br />coding of a site is poor, the site might not be indexable at all, <br />so in this sense poor code and design can harm you a lot.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">47</td><td width="24%">Illegal Content</td><td width="62%">Using other people’s copyrighted content without their <br /> permission or using content that promotes legal violations can <br />get you kicked out of search engines.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">48</td><td width="24%">Invisible text</td><td width="62%">This is a black hat SEO practice and when spiders <br />discover that you have text specially for them but not for humans, <br />don’t be surprised by the penalty.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">49</td><td width="24%">Cloaking</td><td width="62%">Cloaking is another illegal technique, which partially <br />involves content separation because spiders see one page <br />(highly-optimized, of course), and everybody else is presented with<br /> another version of the same page.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">50</td><td width="24%">Doorway pages</td><td width="62%">Creating pages that aim to trick spiders that your site <br />is a highly-relevant one when it is not, is another way to get the <br /> kick from search engines.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">51</td><td width="24%">Duplicate content</td><td width="62%">When you have the same content on several pages on the <br />site, this will not make your site look larger because the <br />duplicate content penalty kicks in. To a lesser degree duplicate <br />content applies to pages that reside on other sites but obviously <br />these cases are not always banned – i.e. article directories or <br />mirror sites do exist and prosper.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%"><br /></td><td colspan="3" width="93%">Visual Extras and SEO</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">52</td><td width="24%">JavaScript</td><td width="62%">If used wisely, it will not hurt. But if your main <br />content is displayed through JavaScript, this makes it more <br />difficult for spiders to follow and if JavaScript code is a mess <br />and spiders can’t follow it, this will definitely hurt your <br />ratings.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">53</td><td width="24%">Images in text</td><td width="62%">Having a text-only site is so boring but having many <br />images and no text is a SEO sin. Always provide in the <alt> <br />tag a meaningful description of an image but don’t stuff it with <br /> keywords or irrelevant information.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">54</td><td width="24%">Podcasts and videos</td><td width="62%">Podcasts and videos are becoming more and more popular <br />but as with all non-textual goodies, search engines can’t read <br />them, so if you don’t have the tapescript of the podcast or the <br />video, it is as if the podcast or movie is not there because it <br />will not be indexed by search engines.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">55</td><td width="24%">Images instead of text links</td><td width="62%">Using images instead of text links is bad, especially <br />when you don’t fill in the <alt> tag. But even if you fill in<br /> the <alt> tag, it is not the same as having a bold, <br />underlined, 16-pt. link, so use images for navigation only if this <br />is really vital for the graphic layout of your site.</td><td width="6%">-1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">56</td><td width="24%">Frames</td><td width="62%">Frames are very, very bad for SEO. Avoid using them unless really necessary.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">57</td><td width="24%">Flash</td><td width="62%">Spiders don’t index the content of Flash movies, so if <br />you use Flash on your site, don’t forget to give it an alternative <br /> textual description.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">58</td><td width="24%">A Flash home page</td><td width="62%">Fortunately this epidemic disease seems to have come to <br />an end. Having a Flash home page (and sometimes whole sections of <br />your site) and no HTML version, is a SEO suicide.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%"><br /></td><td colspan="3" width="93%">Domains, URLs, Web Mastery</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">59</td><td width="24%">Keyword-rich URLs and filenames</td><td width="62%">A very important factor, especially for Yahoo! and Bing.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">60</td><td width="24%">Site Accessibility</td><td width="62%">Another fundamental issue, which that is often <br />neglected. If the site (or separate pages) is unaccessible because <br />of broken links, 404 errors, password-protected areas and other <br />similar reasons, then the site simply can’t be indexed.</td><td width="6%">+3</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">61</td><td width="24%">Sitemap</td><td width="62%">It is great to have a complete and up-to-date sitemap, <br />spiders love it, no matter if it is a plain old HTML sitemap or the<br /> special Google sitemap format.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">62</td><td width="24%">Site size</td><td width="62%">Spiders love large sites, so generally it is the bigger,<br /> the better. However, big sites become user-unfriendly and <br />difficult to navigate, so sometimes it makes sense to separate a <br />big site into a couple of smaller ones. On the other hand, there <br />are hardly sites that are penalized because they are 10,000+ pages,<br /> so don’t split your size in pieces only because it is getting <br /> larger and larger.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">63</td><td width="24%">Site age</td><td width="62%">Similarly to wine, older sites are respected more. The <br />idea is that an old, established site is more trustworthy (they <br />have been around and are here to stay) than a new site that has <br />just poped up and might soon disappear.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">64</td><td width="24%">Site theme</td><td width="62%">It is not only keywords in URLs and on page that matter.<br /> The site theme is even more important for good ranking because <br />when the site fits into one theme, this boosts the rankings of all <br /> its pages that are related to this theme.</td><td width="6%">+2</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">65</td><td width="24%">File Location on Site</td><td width="62%">File location is important and files that are located in<br /> the root directory or near it tend to rank better than files that <br /> are buried 5 or more levels below.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">66</td><td width="24%">Domains versus subdomains, separate domains</td><td width="62%">Having a separate domain is better – i.e. instead of <br />having blablabla.blogspot.com, register a separate blablabla.com <br /> domain.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">67</td><td width="24%">Top-level domains (TLDs)</td><td width="62%">Not all TLDs are equal. There are TLDs that are better <br />than others. For instance, the most popular TLD – .com – is much <br /> better than .ws, .biz, or .info domains but (all equal) nothing <br />beats an old .edu or .org domain.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">68</td><td width="24%">Hyphens in URLs</td><td width="62%">Hyphens between the words in an URL increase readability<br /> and help with SEO rankings. This applies both to hyphens in domain<br /> names and in the rest of the URL.</td><td width="6%">+1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">69</td><td width="24%">URL length</td><td width="62%">Generally doesn’t matter but if it is a very long URL-s,<br /> this starts to look spammy, so avoid having more than 10 words in <br />the URL (3 or 4 for the domain name itself and 6 or 7 for the rest <br /> of address is acceptable).</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">70</td><td width="24%">IP address</td><td width="62%">Could matter only for shared hosting or when a site is <br />hosted with a free hosting provider, when the IP or the whole <br />C-class of IP addresses is blacklisted due to spamming or other <br />illegal practices.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">71</td><td width="24%">Adsense will boost your ranking</td><td width="62%">Adsense is not related in any way to SEO ranking. Google<br /> will definitely not give you a ranking bonus because of hosting <br /> Adsense ads. Adsense might boost your income but this has <br />nothing to do with your search rankings.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">72</td><td width="24%">Adwords will boost your ranking</td><td width="62%">Similarly to Adsense, Adwords has nothing to do with <br />your search rankings. Adwords will bring more traffic to your site <br />but this will not affect your rankings in whatsoever way.</td><td width="6%">0</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">73</td><td width="24%">Hosting downtime</td><td width="62%">Hosting downtime is directly related to accessibility <br />because if a site is frequently down, it can’t be indexed. But in <br />practice this is a factor only if your hosting provider is really <br /> unreliable and has less than 97-98% uptime.</td><td width="6%">-1</td></tr><tr class="" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">74</td><td width="24%">Dynamic URLs</td><td width="62%">Spiders prefer static URLs, though you will see many <br />dynamic pages on top positions. Long dynamic URLs (over 100 <br />characters) are really bad and in any case you’d better use a tool <br />to rewrite dynamic URLs in something more human- and SEO-friendly.</td><td width="6%">-1</td></tr><tr class="alt" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">75</td><td width="24%">Session IDs</td><td width="62%">This is even worse than dynamic URLs. Don’t use session IDs for information that you’d like to be indexed by spiders.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr valign="TOP"><td width="7%">76</td><td width="24%">Bans in robots.txt</td><td width="62%">If indexing of a considerable portion of the site is <br />banned, this is likely to affect the nonbanned part as well because<br /> spiders will come less frequently to a “noindex” site.</td><td width="6%">-2</td></tr><tr class="alt over" valign="TOP"><td width="7%">77</td><td width="24%">Redirects (301 and 302)</td><td width="62%">When not applied properly, redirects can hurt a lot – <br />the target page might not open, or worse – a redirect can be <br />regarded as a black hat technique, when the visitor is immediately <br />taken to a different page.</td><td width="6%">-3</td></tr></table></div><div class="clear"></div></div><span class="gensmall"></span></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"><div class="fa_like_div"><p class="fa_like_list" style="display: none;"></p><button class="rep-button " data-href="" data-href-rm=""><svg width="15px" height="15px" viewBox="0 0 1792 1792" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><path d="M320 1344q0-26-19-45t-45-19q-27 0-45.5 19t-18.5 45q0 27 18.5 45.5t45.5 18.5q26 0 45-18.5t19-45.5zm160-512v640q0 26-19 45t-45 19h-288q-26 0-45-19t-19-45v-640q0-26 19-45t45-19h288q26 0 45 19t19 45zm1184 0q0 86-55 149 15 44 15 76 3 76-43 137 17 56 0 117-15 57-54 94 9 112-49 181-64 76-197 78h-129q-66 0-144-15.5t-121.5-29-120.5-39.5q-123-43-158-44-26-1-45-19.5t-19-44.5v-641q0-25 18-43.5t43-20.5q24-2 76-59t101-121q68-87 101-120 18-18 31-48t17.5-48.5 13.5-60.5q7-39 12.5-61t19.5-52 34-50q19-19 45-19 46 0 82.5 10.5t60 26 40 40.5 24 45 12 50 5 45 .5 39q0 38-9.5 76t-19 60-27.5 56q-3 6-10 18t-11 22-8 24h277q78 0 135 57t57 135z" fill="#666"/></svg><span>Like</span><span class="rep-nb" style="display:none;"></span></button><button class="rep-button " data-href="" data-href-rm=""><svg width="15px" height="15px" viewBox="0 0 1792 1792" 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