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 SEO vs Google Adwords service strength and weakness analysis.

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SEO vs Google Adwords service strength and weakness analysis. Empty
PostSubject: SEO vs Google Adwords service strength and weakness analysis.   SEO vs Google Adwords service strength and weakness analysis. EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 6:23 pm

TanLocmedia - Many people use Google adwords and that cost a few million a month is comfortable with high scores on Top of Google and when I tried to ask the company Seo Services in price of the top 5 keywords, then stunned Seo and dizziness with high prices if it every month to maintain? So no need to do Seo if we spend a little more money but is always available on the Sponsor's Google ads through Google adwords?
SEO vs Google Adwords service strength and weakness analysis. Ppc-vs-seo
According to Mr. Dang is currently the director Seo company reputation with many years seniority in the profession Seo said, "There is simply paid advertising themselves as we see what effect. The truth about SEO and SEM are controversial, but take a look at his analysis of actual data follows:

Although the results of SEM occupy most positions of the search results page but the truth is that up to 88% of click into the results ORGANiC (Rank nature) and only 12% of click into the funding position of the Adwords ads. and according to figures in 2009, the U.S. spent 18 billion dollars for SEM and 1.5 billion dollars for SEO only.

This shows that if Seo services to you in the position of the top 3 SEO the number of click will be higher than 4 times higher than the corresponding position of the SEM.

There is a further problem is that if your brand to appear on the Organic natural position and the class itself even more from your website many times as you have been well appreciated so Google Organic results on and when you play SEM towering up regardless of your website is very bad and it will reduce the rate of CRO (click to see Direct customers from your website to the lower pen purchase or pay for services of you). So if you do good Seo your website much better if you just do SEM alone. "

When your opponent is also using SEM services, the competition level will increase. For locations on Google you had to pay extra for Google. Statistics show that only 30% of users click on the search engine position SEM.

Through this analysis you have any questions about why the cost of using expensive Seo service is better than SEM or not? This article however unintentional objections or disadvantages compared with SEM SEO campaign because if you do sell pull uncertainties shed, should immediately Seo can not do well in a short time and then of course you need to select the SEM to implement their Internet marketing campaign!
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SEO vs Google Adwords service strength and weakness analysis.
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