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 Get Your Website Indexed Quickly

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PostSubject: Get Your Website Indexed Quickly   Get Your Website Indexed Quickly EmptyMon Dec 26, 2011 8:44 pm

When we start our new blogs or website or forums, we always worry about getting our site indexed. Manual submission of website takes time and we can’t guarantee of our
submission to search engines. In this hub you’ll find out ways to get indexed quickly. I’m not just focusing on Google but also on other search engines as well. If you follow the techniques mentioned in this hub then I’m sure you’ll find your blog/hub getting indexed pretty quickly by any search engine.

By following the methods mentioned in this hub you’ll find your blog/hub getting indexed by crawlers in 2-7 hours.

1. Write more content

If you just post 1 article on blog/hub and are expecting that you should get indexed by search engines then you’re wrong. Search engine crawl the sites which are updated regularly. If you post 5-10 articles on your new blog then chances of getting indexed are higher than blog which publishes only single article. So update often and let bots crawl your site at regular intervals.

2. RSS feeds

Your blog/hub feed is more way to get indexed quickly. You need to submit your feed to RSS directories out there. More directories you submit into, more chances of getting your hub/blog quickly.

Here are some of the RSS directories where you can submit your feeds:

* feedage.com
* feedest.com
* feedvault.com
* feedfury.com
* rssws.com
* rssmotron.com
* rssfeedcentral.com
* rssmountain.com

Now you can go to wordpresspinglist.com and select the directories where you want to submit your feeds. At the bottom of the page you’ll see download list as txt file. Now go to pingler.com and add the sites mentioned in the txt files to ping services text box. Once you finish pasting links in textbox, you can click on “ping my site” button. Pingler.com has 91 ping services listed in its search box already so you can either go with default one or add more from wordpresspinglist.com.

You can also manually ping your blog using pingomatic.com and pingoat.com.

Note: You don’t have to submit to all RSS directories and ping sites. But you can atleast use feedest & feedage to ping your sites.

3. Social Bookmarking services

There are many services that can let you add your bookmark to social bookmarking site.You can use services like:

* socialmarker.com
* onlywire.com
* sharethis.com
* socialadr.com

Registering on social bookmarking sites will take some time. So you can either outsource this work or you can setup account as many as you can or as time permits.

If you can’t work with huge list of sites then i suggest at least use these sites for bookmarking your blog/hub:

* digg.com
* delicious.com
* stumbleupon.com
* reddit.com

4. Socialize for an hour or two

If you’re member of any forum then you can use your new blog link in signature or in profile. This will increase chances of getting your blog/hub indexed fast; make sure forum you participate has huge traffic and better PR on Google.

Comment on blog in your niche, this will take time but if your comment is genuine then it will be one link back to your site which is not bad either. For more information on making back-links check this hub.

5. Arrows to your site

Sign up to short blogging sites like:

* tumblr.com
* weebly.com
* blogger.com
* livejournal.com

Create a short blog post related to the topic of your new blog and make a link to your new blog in that post. These short blogs on those free networks will work as arrow to your new site. And this will increase the chances of getting indexed and ranking high.
Get High PR Niche Backlinks for FREE (1 Month)

If you’ve followed all these 5 steps then i’m sure you’ll get indexed in all major search engines in 2-7 hours. If you find these 5 steps as time consuming then you can follow the below steps to get indexed (it will take time but you’ll get indexed).

1. Write 2-3 blog posts
2. Ping using pingler.com

Once you’re done with that then check your site logs after 7 hours to see how many search engine bots crawl your site. You can also check the search engine manually if they have indexed your site or not.

One of the most common questions I see on SEO forums, revolves around getting a website into a search engine. This is the first thing a new webmaster notices. It isn’t normally automatic, but can be very easy. Let me give you a couple tips.

You Do Not Submit Your Website to Search Engines

This is one of the most common myths. While it is true that submitting an xml sitemap to a search engine definitely will help your content be more fully indexed, it is not needed to be found by the engines. They know how to find you. You just need to leave a trail for them to follow.

So many so called SEO companies will market this as a service, simply because it is what many new website owners will search for. The learning curve is quite steep in this industry, and many unethical pseudo search companies know this.

There are directories that you can submit your website to, though many of them are far less effective than in the past for helping you rank your website. Some however, are fairly powerful, and trusted. These are usually web directories which are hand edited, such as the Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ. The best directories are fairly strict when it comes to how to submit your website, so make sure if you do this yourself, you read all the instructions, and only submit when your site is ready for prime time.
Blog and Ping with WordPress for Fast Indexing

Many platforms, such as WordPress (which I love, and you are looking at right now), have a built in feature that will ping a server when you make a post or update your site. This is an extremely powerful tool, but must me used with caution, and correctly. Pinging a server over and over while you make small changes to you website can get your website banned from the service.
cbnet Ping Optimizer

Using WordPress, there is a plugin called cbnet Ping Optimizer, that will limit how often you ping your list. I use my Ultra Blog Ping List for 2011, which only pings quality servers checked in 2011. Using this list, you can have a brand new post indexed in search engines in minutes, or even less. With Google’s new Caffeine update which was fully implemented earlier this week, posts can be found in the index in seconds.
Backlinks are the Trail Search Engines Follow

As with many questions regarding SEO, the best answer to this question, is backlinks. They are the glue that holds the internet together. Without a link from other websites to yours, who will find it? Nobody. The absolute best way for a search engine to find your website, is through a link from a powerful and authoritative website.

When the engines crawl the web, they do so through these links. There are many ways to get these links, some good, and some bad. The best links come naturally, from people who like your website, and link to you on their own. A little good linkbait can drastically decrease the time it takes to get links, but is a skill all of it’s own. Sometimes you need to hire a professional SEO to get enough links to rank for the search queries that will bring the right targeted traffic to your site, but a few links is usually enough to get indexed.
Be Creative for better indexing

Think about what other services the search engines offer. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing offer many free tools and programs for webmasters to utilize for additional features on websites, and for monetization. If a search engine needs to go to your website, and determine what content is on it to make these services relevant, it has to crawl it. Chew on that a little, and you may find some powerful methods of indexing pages quickly.
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Get Your Website Indexed Quickly
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