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 Getting a Handle on Death and Dying

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PostSubject: Getting a Handle on Death and Dying   Getting a Handle on Death and Dying EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 5:52 pm

Recently the topic of demise turned very personal and up entrance to me. There is no quick solution to switch one’s pondering, however, with an enormous fear factor of my own immortality staring me squarely in the eye, I decided to start the remodeling strategy of my thought system. I began by asking myself, “What am I going to do with the remaining years of my own life?” All my possessions, power, ego and studying will end after I do, so, I must put a larger perspective on this picture. I then went to speculating on what survives the demise of the physique, how does it make the transition from this existence to the subsequent, the place exactly would I be going and who would possibly I discover there after I arrived. I additionally questioned if life even does proceed after so-called demise, and if the soul would not just die with our bodies. With these questions and this line of pondering, I realized that my complete perspective would now need to bear a whole overhaul.

As I began researching, I found that all through time, there have been many imagined solutions to the mysteries surrounding death. These developed into tales, mythological tales, spiritual text, and sacred narratives which have helped in guiding people by means of a more healthy relationship with death. Robert Thurman made a stirring level with, “There is no way out of this mess, besides to change into enlightened after which get pleasure from it.”

Do you imagine that demise is the tip, that’s it, no more? Do you imagine in heaven or hell? Do you imagine in other dimensions? These are ideas that appears to paralyze people with the mere thought of ceasing to be and what actually happens after the physical physique ceases to function.

We are intent on the humanness, with tasting, smelling, touching, listening and seeing, and have allowed our consciousness to establish solely with our physical physique that requires constant air, meals and sleep in order to exist. Loss of life at all times frightens people who assume they’re the physique, yet we truly solely consist of five components, earth, water, air, ether and fireplace, that’s it. We simply step out of these components just as we would step out of a garment. exhibition For those who had been to cease and assume for a moment that there are automatic processes happening inside our body. Bodily functions which can be happening without our consent and information, yet we have blind faith that this is in truth happening to us without even questioning it. We don’t see any of this happening, yet we imagine that it is happening. “Besides ye see signs and wonders, ye won’t believe.” (John four:48)

Ego ought to be mentioned here because it’s the prison that causes us to lose sight of the religious a part of ourselves. It manages to manage all of our fears after which actually falls aside at any time when there is a threat of ceasing to be. That is the place our self-picture resides which,
trien lam by the best way, relies on all of our previous experiences, and is our cocoon of our illusions of our current reality. Ken Wilbur describes it as, “A bag of edited memories.” Overcoming the ego is an important component in discovering our true identity. As Lama Govinda put it, “It’s attainable to transcend the ego and live without its limitations, and thus attain far greater freedom and self-expression.”

Let’s take a moment here, let’s go way back in time to see how others adjusted to the truth of death. How other cultures around the world discovered the art of a peaceable transition. How others had been capable of view demise and rebirth as solely a part in the continuous cycle of life. How some had been capable of soothe into the expectation of their very own death. What number of found their consolation zone in the art of dying well.

People have at all times held on to hope of the potential of life after demise by their beliefs of heaven, hell, limbo, the great searching grounds up in the sky, and reincarnation. The Egyptians buried their mummies with personal results to use on their journey to and in their afterlife. The Western tradition is a demise denying culture. Probably it is a result of eradicating the dying process from the house the place people would die near their families. Now, most people die in unfamiliar environments, phan bon all to often alone with docs and nursing staff that assume responsibility. Consequently, many individuals have little experience with demise, making it difficult for them to speak about it or to be with a dying person. They know at the back of their minds that it happens, however that’s the end of their perception in this issue.
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Getting a Handle on Death and Dying
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