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 Hindu Rituals Facts

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PostSubject: Hindu Rituals Facts   Hindu Rituals Facts EmptyTue Dec 11, 2012 3:50 pm

Being a science graduate and an everyday reader of scientific researches, it was arduous for me to initially grasp sure concepts. But as I went extra into my religion, the so referred to as Hinduism, I spotted that science has a really lengthy way to go towards realizing life and dying, before they outreach a Hindu ideology. I’ve tried to motive out some of Hindu rituals and these reasons are purely Vedic, put in my own words. I’ve truthfully accepted the incorrect that’s practiced and extra truthfully elaborated the right that’s there actually in the scriptures of Hindus.

One yr after my marriage, I together with my wife, went to a holy place of Lord Shiva, ‘Baski Nath’ in Bihar. We worshipped together, and when we got here out of temple, to my shock and dismay, what I saw was something I had heard from the critics. I saw, monks performing sacrifice of a goat. It was stunning for me as I saw them chopping off the creature and I saw such barbarism first time in round a temple. Hence, I used to be impacted deeply and my ideologies obtained challenged. I couldn’t settle for this as part of my religion. I used to be never taught, not less than, by my identified ones about this. I always learnt that this religion urged vegetarianism on prime of everything. But this killing was accomplished by the very priest, whom we believe. I told my wife, ‘I do not feel like coming to this place again, unless I do know the truth the truth of the faith I believe.’ And I opened the books of highest regards again for answers ‘Bhagwad Geeta’ and ‘Vedas’. I had been studying them earlier, but had never come throughout any textual content that stated of killing in the identify of God. I intensified my research on this How did this happen then, if it’s not in the religion? I went to various temples in various towns and met many priests. I interacted deeply with them and tried to know their background as effectively along with their information in regards to the holy books. And soon, I understood the place the mistake was.

First thing that I discovered was that not all monks have been Brahmins by birth. They had acquired the occupation as they discovered it simple to support the livelihood with none unlawful means. This was religiously not challenged, as the faith described Brahminism (knower of Brahma or creator) solely by deeds and information and never by birth. This was confirmed by following scripture of Bhagwad Geeta, Chapter IV, Verse 13.

‘The fourfold caste was created by the differentiation of Guna (information and behavior) and Karma (actions and deeds).’

Second, I discovered that not all monks, Brahmin or non-Brahmin, had profound and actual information as in Hindu texts. They discovered among the verses and among the commonly identified philosophies, some rituals and some behaviors following which they became unquestionable priests.

Third and most astonishing of all was intrusion of political activists and external religions to defame the whole religion in a deliberate manner. There have been few instances of Political relations with the monks and prison incidences attached in some method at these places. Anyway, my objective was not to investigate and help law, my intention was to derive information concerning causes of such inhuman acts that went against my understanding of Hindu religion.

Anyway, I might depict the texts of Bhagwad Geeta to show what the faith actually says about sacrifices and choices; following are the quotes from Chapter IV.

‘The method of Brahman, the clarified butter is Brahman, supplied by Brahman in the fire of Brahman; by seeing Brahman in action, he reaches Brahman alone.’ Verse 24.

The e book first establishes a motive behind these sacrifices and beliefs. It says first vital factor is to know that we act as per our notion and attitude. The ultimate purpose achieved is completely based on our personal configuration of understanding, nature and actions. Brahman is a stage of ultimate information about Life, God and Creation. And even the stage of Brahman is achieved by rendering ourselves, dedicating our need (that burns as fire inside us), our vision and actions towards the method of Brahman. Here, starts the concept of providing, providing the very self to a Brahman, if Brahman is the fireplace (need) inside to be achievedtai iwin mien phi.

‘Some Yogis perform sacrifices to Devas alone, whereas others supply the self as sacrifice by the self in the fire of Brahman alone’. Verse 25.

First a part of the sentence starts speaking about sacrifice to Deities, but don’t clarify what’s sacrificed. The second part reflect comparable providing as in earlier verse the self sacrifice in the fire of data (Complete dedication towards learning of fact).

‘Some again supply hearing and different sense as sacrifice in the fire of management, whereas others supply sound and different sense-object as sacrifice in the fire of the senses.’ Verse 26.

It requires deeper information to know ‘sacrifice of sense-object in the fire of senses’. Vedas describes five basic work-sense organs and one other five information-sense organs. It describes the objectives of those sense organs and likewise binds them to the thoughts and ego of a person. Above sentence, by utilizing ‘fire’ as a metaphor, signifies that it requires enormous effort and steady follow to control our thoughts’s motivation pushed by the senses. With the intention to attain this management, a person has to sacrifice many needs and concentrate on the self, which is what the true which means of Yoga is as we will see ahead.

‘Some again supply all the actions of senses and the functions of the important power, as sacrifice in the fire of management in Self, kindled by information’. Verse 27.

Again it requires understanding what the actions of senses are and how are they different from the senses itself. What is meant above by important power? I’ve already talked about above about ‘fire’ being correlated to the power of management in self.

‘Others again supply wealth, austerity, and Yoga, as sacrifice, whereas still others, of self-restraint and rigid vows, supply study of the scriptures and information, as sacrifice’ Verse 28.
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Hindu Rituals Facts
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