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 Selection Colombia: football, talent and tears

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Selection Colombia: football, talent and tears Empty
PostSubject: Selection Colombia: football, talent and tears   Selection Colombia: football, talent and tears EmptyThu Oct 11, 2012 4:28 pm

dau dia dvdIn one of those street surveys that are done when an important fact fans asked about the performance of selected Colombian their matches against Chile and Uruguay.Fans, as is just obvious, were enraged by the two defeats and especially by the four goals conceded in the National Stadium of Santiago.

As we were not going well but hopes remain settled in the solid foundations of mathematics and points to spare.Do not lose your head, but can not ignore the bad time..

Do not be fooled by those who think that everything can be fixed with the release of a technician and the output of another.We are not out of this world we once believed, and we have a large number of players who dip.Neither we have heroes of blood left in the field as has Uruguay or seasoned fighters who grow when put the shirt red and white stripes as the Paraguayansdau dvd sony.

Today the voices of pain, the cries of anguish, despair compliments of changes and heads and asked each other, is hardly obvious, Jorge Luis Pinto, one of the most beloved of the country the day he won 2-1 to Argentina when analysts, experts and the same fans, signed and settled for a draw.

Jorge Luis Pinto is no longer the coach of the national team.He’s gone because it was understood by the players, because they accepted sweeten the deal as it was proposed by the directors and pale in the 2008 results.Say what you say, the football family does not like losing.And we only the swells that painful defeats.These sadden the manager, the sponsor, the journalist and, of course, the coach himself who plays the head, game after game, even without the opportunity to kick the ball.

Pinto’s departure reminds us some of the recent history of Colombian soccer.Hopefully not have to regret the decision taken today (September 16) by the directors of the Federation who have been assigned to Eduardo Lara, a wise and committed to football, the responsibility of being the captain of the ship for at least part of the path that should lead to global.

One of them replied in a curious but compelling: “to improve Colombia’s making small changes. Four, to be precise: goalkeeper, defense, midfield and up front” rather, the man raised a fresh start .It seems excessive to these changes particularly in the position of goalkeeper, where Augustine would easily acquitted in July after the unexpected defeat to Uruguay and Chile shameful presentation before.

The fans are like that when they win they are happy and the players are elevated to the status of idols, a brief stopover before graduate them gods.When they lose feel frustration, anger and pain and undertaken against the world: start with the coach, still with managers, players and continue, if controlled in time, end up against the windows of the bus quipo.

For the selection there are some angry voices loud and repeated the request and expressed on changes.It’s a familiar story, repeated in past playoffs.In 2002, on the way to Korea and Japan, a draw with Venezuela ended the era of Luis Augusto Garcia and four years later, en route to Germany, Venezuelans, this time winning in the sacred precinct Barranquilla Metropolitan Stadium , ended the rugged technical direction of Francisco Maturana.

Pinto gave no convincing explanations about the low production of some talented players on their teams yielders, who suffered a “blackout football” just wore the shirt of the national team.Where would give embattled football and goals from Falcao Garcia?What was the quality, safety and confidence of Aquivaldo Mosquera?Why not celebrate HugoRodallega so often as it does on their computers?loa.

Perhaps the answer lies in the attitude of the players, but it is also permissible to think that the technical system was declining and so his talent was lost in the complicated tangle of improper tactics, strategies and approaches ultradefensivas unintelligible .

You need to play with what we like our rivals and have the upper front face of what’s coming: tough games against rivals serious and firmly committed to working to achieve the same goal to which we aspire: seize the precious booty elusive and represented the country in the quota of Christiaan Barnard and Nelson Mandeladau dia

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Selection Colombia: football, talent and tears
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