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 10 Biggest SEO Myths Among So Called SEO Expert

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10 Biggest SEO Myths Among So Called SEO Expert Empty
PostSubject: 10 Biggest SEO Myths Among So Called SEO Expert   10 Biggest SEO Myths Among So Called SEO Expert EmptyTue Dec 20, 2011 1:23 am

santa More and more people are calling themselves search engine optimization
(SEO) experts and most of these so-called SEO experts know nothing about
SEO than just spamming . Such SEO Experts have nothing more than a 5 page website dedicated to SEO Services and start spamming.

As an SEO forum admin I see people create accounts to get link in the
signature and don't add much value to the forum. I personally delete all
such posts and accounts but I do visit those SEO related links in
signature and try to interact with them. At times I see some funny myths
among the so call SEO experts and so let me share those myths here.

1. Higher PageRank means better Google Rankings

Yes, you will be shocked to see so many SEO Experts in 2011 still run
after Google toolbar PR and think that Toolbar PageRank is one of the
factors to Google rankings.

2. SEO is one-time task

SEO experts quotes me some large chunk of amount for getting my site in
the first 3 spots in Google and suggests that it is one time fee that I
pay and I can rip the benefits of my investment for the rest of my life.

3. Directory and Search engine submission

When I want to know the type of tasks they will do for my site and one
of them is omnipresent - We will submit your site to search engines and
directories. I am sure this used to work a decade ago but is not SEO
anymore in 2011. You can always submit you site to top search engines
like Google and Bing but even that can be avoided if your site can be
found through a link from some other page or site which is indexed
frequently by those search engines.

4. Meta tags

One of the most commonly used term by SEO experts is - On Page SEO
factors like Meta tags especially Meta keywords and description to rank
well in Google. I even don't remember when Meta tags were out of the SEO
equation. Probably was a thing of late 90s if I am not wrong.

5. More links means better rankings

SEO experts tell that your XYZ competitor has so many links but you have
only so few. They don't tend to analyze the quality of those links but
mainly run after number of links pointing to your site, not the quality
of links. Relevant and high quality links always help more and
contribute more to the ranking potential of a website than large numbers
of low-quality links.

6. Any Content is Good content

Some SEO experts suggest me to have more content on my sites. As I ask
them details about the type of content they write, I almost get shocked.
Understand that any content is not good content and it should be
content which you yourself would like to read. As an example if I am
doing a Wordpress Setup for my clients I always refer my Wordpress SEO
posts to see that I don't miss anything for my clients. Remember I am
not hired for SEO but for Wordpress setup still I prefer doing basic SEO
for my clients as well because I think if I am doing a setup it should
be the way I would for my own blog / site.

7. XML Sitemap boosts ranking

I am yet to see an SEO expert who can answer why I need an XML Sitemap
for my site. I still don't have an XML sitemap for Go4Expert. XML
sitemap is a great addition to your site if you have areas of your site
which is not very well linked from the home page of your site or you
have pages which update very frequently and Google is not visiting those
pages too often to update its index. XML sitemap is not something you
need for your 5 page website where you hardly have any update done for

8. Keyword density is formula for success

For those who are not sure what keyword density is - It is the
percentage of time a word or phrase appears on a web page compared to
the total number of words on the page. Some SEO experts will suggest
adding few more times the same keyword within your content to rank
higher in search engines where as others experts will suggest numbers
like have X percentage of keyword density to rank well in search
engines. No one for sure knows what percentage of keyword density is
good but if it is something you are adding for your users that is best
keyword density you can have according to me.

9. Guarantee Google Position

SEO experts guarantee you a position in Google. If you see such
guarantee you can be rest assured, it is one of those SEO experts who
know nothing about SEO. He or she is guaranteeing you something that is
not under his or her control.

10. SEO is some secret formula

Many SEO experts can rank you well in Google because they have a secret
tie up with Google to get your site ranked on top though they cannot get
that done for their own SEO services site.

Have you come across such SEO Experts? Share your experiences in comments below.
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10 Biggest SEO Myths Among So Called SEO Expert
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