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 Google launches Rich Snippets Preview Tool (RDfa)

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PostSubject: Google launches Rich Snippets Preview Tool (RDfa)   Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:05 am

You (hopefully) remember a few posts on SEOgadget discussing HTML5 and the impact that structured data will have on SEO, and if you do, you’ll remember me banging on about my hcard implemention too. I’ve been convinced for some time now that Google’s attitude towards structured HTML markup is really starting to get serious, which is why today’s news is very exciting.

On this, the last meaningful day of Summer in the UK I say, thanks be to Google for giving us their Rich Snippets Testing Tool allowing even us mere mortals to view and tweak a rich snippet result after implementing a structured markup modification on a site.

On the news of the release, Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land writes:

Brian Ussery spotted that Google released a beta version of the Rich Snippets Testing Tool that does just that. What is interesting is that you can plug in any URL, not just URLs that you own via the verification process in Google Webmaster Tools, and preview the snippet data.

Here’s the preview of one of the job postings on SEOgadget.co.uk:

Google points out that “there is no guarantee that a Rich Snippet will be shown for this page on actual search results.” and helpfully advises: “For more details, see Documentation“. Fair enough.

I’ve already learned a lot from reviewing a few of my own results. A tool like this can really inspire a “penny drop” moment or two, an experience I’ll be taking note of ready to make some changes to my hcard markup in the very near future.
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Google launches Rich Snippets Preview Tool (RDfa)
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