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 Google Panda – The Perfect Strategy On How To Raise Your Rank Back

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PostSubject: Google Panda – The Perfect Strategy On How To Raise Your Rank Back   Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:34 am

Google Panda is a new SEO crackdown algorithm
that basically tries to ascertain if your website has good content or
not. If your website is seemed to contain good content then your ranking
will benefit accordingly. Conversely if your content is poor your
ranking will suffer the consequences of Google’s wrath. Let’s put this
into the perspective of Google for a brief moment.

Google’s primary function as a search engine is to locate “stuff” for
people. When you type in a search term or several terms it is Google’s goal to return the most accurate and appropriate results for that search. Just Imagine if you are looking for a brand new car and typed in “new car” and Google returned 100 results containing nothing search but links to clothes driers.

I’m sure you get the picture and Google Lose Our Visitor For this wrong thing to do the black hat seo method.

In These days there has been a massive trend that SEO People and
affiliate marketers to pump out a myriad of content sites with links to a main “authority site”. These content sites are usually 100% duplicate content and they’re really designed to simply hit hot keywords to generate more visitor and terms to enable Google to crawl them and in turn legitimize the authority site.

Then increases the “authority site’s” ranking and hopefully for the
marketers, increases the CTR to their associated affiliate site and
subsequently their commissions. While this system is fine when used
properly, the problem is that many marketers simply pay for cheap canned
content to go onto the content site pages. Most of which is written in
barely legible English or directly copied content from other sites.
Enter Google Panda.

So what do we need to take note of with our websites now?
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Google Panda – The Perfect Strategy On How To Raise Your Rank Back
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