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 How to SEO your site in less than 60 minutes

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PostSubject: How to SEO your site in less than 60 minutes   Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:28 pm

I often get asked to review a site and provide rapid feedback on the site's SEO. Problem: the site as well, or need help with your SEO? To answer these questions, I have developed a rapid system through a web page and have a quick snapshot of SEO. I'll give that system here. On a smaller site, this will take about 20 minutes. Even on the biggest web sites, it never took me over an hour.
SEO your website in less than an hour

A. Visit the home page, www.domain.com.

1. Does it redirect to some other URL? If so, that's bad.

2. Review the topics. It uses relevant, not the main keywords? It is the right format?

3. Review site navigation:

1. Format text or image? image map? javascript? drop-down? Text is best.

2. Page URL - look at the URL structure, path names, file names. How long is the URL? How far from the original? They are separated by dashes or underscores?

3. The keywords are used appropriately in text links or image alt tags like?

4. Review the home page content:

0. The number of full and proper documents?

1. Using the right keywords?

2. Having a site map?

3. Make a "command" to find any hidden text.

4. Check PageRank through SearchStatus plugin for Firefox

5. View source:

0. Check your meta description (length, using key words, relevance).

1. Check your keywords meta (consistent, stuffed).

2. Look for anything unusual / spam (in the noscript tag, H1S in javascript, etc.).

3. If javascript or drop-down navigation, make sure that it collected.

4. Sometimes cut-and-paste the code into Dreamweaver to get better view code page relationships.

B. Analysis of the robots.txt file. See what's being blocked and what not. Make sure it is written correctly.

C. Check for the domain name www and non www - that is, canonicalization issues only workaround to redirect.

D. Looking at the site map (if available).

1. To examine the use of keywords in anchor text.

2. How many links?

3. Are all important pages (categories, subcategories, etc.) are listed?

E. View two pages category/1st-level.

Repeat A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 - this will be faster since the number of objects (header, footer, menu) will be the same. In particular, look for text only pages, meta tags only, using the correct H1S, H2S content to structure.

Check the appropriate flow PageRank. Also look at the way they link back to page default.php chu.Index.html or close the link? Not so.

F. Visit product/2nd-level two pages.

Same steps as E.

In addition, if sites selling common products, find 2-3 other sites selling the exact same items and compare the product page. Are all sites using the same product description? Unique content is the best.

G. do a site: domain.com search in all three main engines.

Compare pages indexed between the three. As the pages are indexed unusually high or low based on what you saw in the site map and navigate the site? This can help identify the problem Solutions. As one engine display pages more or less significant than others? Check your robots.txt file if necessary.

H. Do site: domain.com search on Google ***- jdkhfdj to view additional pages.

All sites will have some additional pages in the index. Compare this figure with the overall number of pages indexed. A very high proportion of the additional pages in the index = not good.

(Note: The above is no longer a way to view supplemental results in Google, and Google has said it no longer distinguish between a set of results and set a supplement)

I. Using Aaron's SEO for Firefox extension (http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/) to consider links in Yahoo and MSN.Neu not hurry, do the search link a number of practical manually on the Yahoo Site Explorer and MSN to confirm.

... .. END ... ..

That's what I do when performing a site analysis SEO quickly. Important: This is to identify the problem, not fix them. And it does not replace a real SEO analysis and complete (there are many shortcomings, for example, is one of the steps E and F assume that all the category pages on the site will be the same, and all both sites would be similar products. is not always the case, so you may miss issues / problems that a real, deeper analysis will reveal.)
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How to SEO your site in less than 60 minutes
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