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 How To Reduce Insurance Costs When You Have Teen Drivers

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PostSubject: How To Reduce Insurance Costs When You Have Teen Drivers   Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:34 pm

If your teenager macbook will be driving their own car soon, be sure to have them and their car insured. Insurance costs can be significant, particularly with young drivers, but there are steps you can take to reduce the cost. Here are some of them.

Increase your comprehensive and collision insurance deductibles

This will help lower your premiums and prevent you from making small claims, which can compromise your eligibility for no claims discounts. Only raise your deductibles though if you have the resources to cover such in the event of a mishap. Open an account that will serve as an emergency fund and let it grow by automatically transferring a portion of your salary monthly.

Drop collision and comprehensive coverage for older vehicles

If your young drivers car is old, consider not having collision and comprehensive coverage. In many instances, you will be spending much more in premiums than what you could get out of the insurer in the event of a mishap.

Buy a safe car tivi 3d

The kind of car your teen will use will influence the cost of insurance significantly. For example, sports cars tend to have a higher premium in comparison to standard sedans because the former encourage risky driving habits. Allowing your child drive a car that is deemed safe by the insurance provider will help keep your insurance rates under control, too. If your teen or young adult driverwill be using an old car, make sure to invest on installing safety features that are commonplace in recent models of cars.

Be eligible for discounts

Insurance companies offer a number of discounts to obtain your business, and a few of these are aimed directly at teen drivers. For example, you can get discounts if your teen or young adult driver finished a driver safety program at an accredited facility. For more information about car insurance for 18 year old male, tap here .

Also, majority, if not all of insurers offer reduced premiums for teen and young adult drivers who have good academic standing. This is because students who do well in school tend to be more responsible car and road users, and thus are less of a risk to insure. The requirements to be entitled to such discount can vary among insurance providers, but in many instances the student should be able to maintain no less than a B average and is a full-time student at the time of application or renewal. An additional discount you can be entitled to is by having both homeowners and car insurance policies with the same provider. You can also get extra discounts if you get an umbrella policy. This will offer additional liability insurance, which can be especially helpful when you have a teen or young adult driver.

Shop around tivi samsung plasma

Cost and coverage can vary significantly among insurance companies so it is crucial that you look around before buying one. Read reviews and get suggestions from family and friends.
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How To Reduce Insurance Costs When You Have Teen Drivers
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