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 Common Job Interview Questions – Second Of Two Parts

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PostSubject: Common Job Interview Questions – Second Of Two Parts   Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:50 pm

No one likes admitting to weaknesses, but this is a favourite interview question, and one you need to be prepared for game vui.

This is not, in any way, shape or form, the avenue to “let the cat out of the bag” in terms of job-related gaffes or to share the dark side of your personality. What you should do instead is think of a particular discipline or area where you lack conversance, experience or confidence in handling, something that is related to the job you are applying for and something which you genuinely wish to improve.

Do not state something that is obviously expected of you at the job – instead, it should be something that will help you perform the job, something that can eventually be learned. For example, it is none too prudent to admit to your job interviewer that you couldn’t consistently type 70 words per minute and often suffer from a case of “fat fingers”, if the job is one that requires a fast typing speed and accurate typing. However, if this isn’t expected at your level, but would be once you’ve moved up the ladder, you might say that you find it a bit nerve wracking and could do with more practice.

Before applying for a job, you should always check the job description first, or the person specification – this is where you will see a list of the mandatory and elective skills needed. In the light of this, you may also lack familiarity with certain software programmes, but make sure that these programmes are optional to learn in the milieu of your prospective work environment.

Once you have decided on your weakness, be sure to emphasize your willingness to improve and your awareness that you will have the opportunity to do so in the job.

What is your primary strength?

As you can see, these two questions go hand in hand, and you will want to have a snappy answer to this last question, because if everybody has a greatest weakness, they too have a greatest strength. Be ready should this question come about video game.

Which aspects of your present job are you naturally good at? Have you received accolades from your co-workers or superiors for your work, and what aspect of your job would this be, in specific?

Now it is possible you may have just finished fifth or sixth form or graduated from university and are applying for your first job – do you have any skills, like research, deportment or teamwork that could be of use at this job you are applying for?

You should make sure your answer is congruous to the skills required at your prospective job. What is it that the interviewers want and that you know you can deliver?

There should be an aspect of reality regarding your strengths, and it should be cogent enough to catch the interviewers’ attention. This is your chance to shine, to bring your best qualities and abilities to the attention of the interviewers. If you go, “I’m a good team player”, that simply won’t cut the mustard. You must illustrate your team-working skills with an impressive example, something the panel will remember when they come to make their decision tai game dien thoai.
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Common Job Interview Questions – Second Of Two Parts
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