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 Family Planning and Christian Ethics in Sierra Leone

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PostSubject: Family Planning and Christian Ethics in Sierra Leone   Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:57 pm

In Sierra Leone, it’s evident that regardless of the efforts of household planning organizations like Deliberate Parenthood Affiliation and Marie Stopes (named after Dr. Marie Stopes, a female scientist in Nice Britain who propagated the concept of spacing children), a considerable portion of the inhabitants, particularly within the rural areas are still unaware of or indifferent to the implications of household planning. An essential consideration lies within the culture of the typical Sierra Leonean. The rebel disaster (1991-2002) did not alleviate the problem. Most families resist efforts to limit the number of their offspring because of “the financial worth of sons in rural areas and the excessive demise charges” tivi samsung plasma

Christian ethics, “the systematic clarification of the moral instance and educating of Jesus applied to the total life of the person in society and actualized by the facility of the Spirit” (Barnette, 1961, p.three), is misrepresented within the concern of household planning. The ethics of this voluntary limitation of human replica is a topic of debate. The issues must be thought to be an issue not for technology but for particular person consideration, and one that couples should resolve for themselves. The complexity of the issue could possibly be seen in the truth that “the entire world’s main religions endorse responsible parenthood, but in relation to the strategies, the consensus usually dissolves” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1993, p.118).

A transparent understanding of God’s divine will for the household begins after marriage. Household planning may merely be defined as the “prevention of being pregnant following sexual intercourse” (Crystal, 1994, p.289). In different phrases, it’s “the control of fertilization, and this is effected both by abstinence or by utilizing some means to stop the meeting of the ovum and the spermatozoa (Hutton, 1967, p.165). McGee (1980) did not stray from the afore-mentioned definitions when the phrase was defined as growth charges via “encouraging particular person citizens to limit household size” (Everyman’s Encyclopaedia, 1978, p.ninety five). In a wider software, it could possibly be argued that the term could also be employed to imply any technique of limiting or regulating the population, reminiscent of infanticide, abortion, enforced celibacy or what Malthus named ‘moral restraint’. Although Malthus did not approve of household planning or contraception strategies which he dismissed as improper acts, his writings inspired others like Francis Place, Richard Carlile and Robert Owen to begin popularizing the motion or campaign to propagate household planning. Curiously, written information of household planning survive from historical times. dien thoai nokia The Ebers papyrus, a compilation of Egyptian medical texts dating from 1550 BC information strategies of household planning. Classical writers, including Pliny the Eder, Pedanius Dioscorides and Soranus of Ephsus check with contraception.
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Family Planning and Christian Ethics in Sierra Leone
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