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 Seven HTML Tags Ezine Article Writers Must Master!

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PostSubject: Seven HTML Tags Ezine Article Writers Must Master!   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:16 pm

Writing articles on topics that you’re conversant in is actually simple. There at the moment are actually a whole lot of hundreds of people writing articles for submission to article directories everywhere in the web and so that you can have your documents really stand out with the article directories, you will need to know seven key HTML tags or your articles are simply going to be ignored.

No person likes to learn an article that is simply plain straight text. Even the newspapers attempt to jazz up their material with certain sorts of formatting and this is also true for those people who are writing articles for article directories or on-line articles. In case you are submitting articles to on-line directories there are seven key HTML tags it’s essential know to ensure your articles are each attractive and attention-grabbing to read.

After I first began to write down this text, I had envisaged there being eight HTML tags however I have dropped one of many tags as a result of using this tag will bring only heartache, pain and tens of millions of spam a month. The tag I do not suggest you utilize is the “mailto” command which you need to use with the “a href” function. The explanation I do not suggest that you just use the mailto command is that e mail addresses put on webpages on the web can easily be harvested by our spam buddies (buddies not!) after which bought off to many others so I strongly discourage anybody to make use of this technique. Except you really do like getting a couple of thousand emails a day and as one one that does get that quantity, it’s really not any fun.

Okay on to the Seven HTML Tags it’s essential know…

Beginning off, I have substituted the < > for brackets as a result of when you submit these articles to the article directories very often they do not like HTML tags apart from those under and they typically remove all of the HTML tags all together. Additional to this, if I used these tags as shown under, they may truly work relatively than exhibiting the tags. Okay so lets begin…

HTML Tag 1 -

The first tag it’s essential study is the bold tag. This tag means that you can intensify textual content by making it bold. To make textual content bold you merely encapsulate the tag with the following -

bThis article will be bold/b

The textual content between the closing and opening tags will likely be bold. When working with this tag you will need to have the closing tag or all of your textual content will likely be bold.

Notice – When typing the HTML tags in substitute the square brackets with < > better than and fewer than brackets.

HTML Tag 2 -

The second common tag you will need to know is the italic tag. When I’m writing articles I try to mix each the Italics tag and the Daring tag in the first paragraph of all my articles. I exploit this to accentuate that first article. To make textual content italics you merely encapsulate the italics tag using the following -

iThis article will be italics/i

HTML Tag 3 -

The third formatting tab it’s essential know is the Underline tag. This tag merely means that you can underline text. To underline textual content use the Underline tag -

uThis article will be underlined/u

HTML Tag four -

The fourth tag it’s essential know is the Bullet Level tag. This tag is much like Bullet Points in Microsoft Word except that in HTML there are only four core types. To create a Bulleted record use the following -

ul li My First Bullet Level /li li My Second Bullet Level /li li My Third Bullet Level/li /ul

You’d anticipate to see something like -

* My First Bullet Level
* My Second Bullet Level
* My Third Bullet Level

HTML Tag 5 -

Now we have appeared at the fourth HTML tag which lets you create a bulleted list. The fifth HTML tag is to create a numbered record -

ol li My First Numbered Level/li li My Second Numbered Level/li li My third Numbered Level/li /ol

The numbered record would seem like this -

1. My First Numbered Level
2. My Second Numbered Level
3. My third Numbered Level

HTML Tag 6 -

The sixth HTML tag it’s essential get to know is the hyperlink tag. This tag means that you can create hyperlinks and hypertext again to you website. This HTML tag is especially important if you’re making an attempt to build inbound hyperlinks to your website.

The hyperlink tag is written in this approach -

a target=”_new” href=” Web Handle Goes Here embrace the http at the beginning ” target=”_blank”Horny Lingerie/a

This hyperlink tag will look something like this -

Horny Lingerie

When you’re writing for EzineArticles you can develop your articles to incorporate HTML hyperlinks however typically, some ezine directories do not enable the hyperlink tag in the primary body of the article. The opposite thing to think about is to make use of Hypertext in your Hyperlink. The Hypertext you utilize resembling “The right way to Revenue With a Direct Sales Website” ought to embrace the key phrases you want serps to index on your webpages. If you do not do this you’ll be throwing away opportunities for inbound hyperlinks that can help improve your website position inside the search engines.

HTML Tag 7 -

The last tag it’s essential know is the br tag. This tag means that you can insert a carriage return. The one thing about the br tag is that not all ezine articles will enable the use of the br tag. It is extremely important that you just learn the conditions of submitting articles to every ezine directory as some ezine directories have a rule that should you do one thing wrong your id or username is out for good. iwin
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Seven HTML Tags Ezine Article Writers Must Master!
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