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 The cycling jersey

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PostSubject: The cycling jersey   Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:08 pm

The cycling jerseys are jerseys that are used for cycling, and is one of the items that we should not forget when equipping for cycling.The cycling jerseys are specifically designed for cyclists and are characterized by comfortable clothing, light and manufactured with tight elastic tissues that have pockets on the back that allow bring waterproofs, warm clothes, food, spare parts or documentation .


The cycling jerseys are products that are used for cycling, and are a staple of cycling equipment.Here its major features:

Sleeves: cycling jerseys can be short sleeve (for summer), Long Sleeve (for cool weather) or sleeveless (for hot weather).

In this regard, the cycling jerseys short sleeve can be combined with a thermal sleeve for moments at lower temperatures such as declines in the ports, where the wind chill drops significantly.

Zipper: Zipper of cycling jerseys can be of three types, short (1/4, the most common), three quarters (3/4, slightly longer than the short zip) or long (4/4, to open the jersey completely like a jacket).Pockets: the cycling jerseys usually have three outside pockets on the back, very helpful to bring food, spare parts, tools, money, documents or as outerwear raincoat.It is very useful that has a zipper pocket, better if inside to safely carry objects such as keys, money, documents or mobile, without fear of losing them in a fall.Fabric: the summer cycling jerseys are made of lightweight fabrics, breathable and quick drying, while winter fabrics employ more thermal capacity, even with properties windbreaks and some resistance to rain.In any case, stretch fabrics are often used to achieve greater freedom of movement and comfort possible, not to mention durability.Color: although the color of the jersey is primarily a matter of fashion or aesthetics, we must not forget that cycling jerseys colors remarkably increase the visibility of the cyclist on the road, making it an important factor of road safety.It is therefore preferable to use bold colors rather than dark colors, even many jerseys feature reflective strips.Fit: the cycling jerseys are tight clothes to avoid prejudicing the aerodynamics, and have a rubber bottom to better fit the body.Customization: cycling jerseys are frequently garments are personalized with designs of each club or team, and the names of the riders and sponsors.In that case, manufacturers should be selected to ensure quality output, it will not fade or deteriorate with washing, or lose intensity with solar radiationmay quay sony
may quay phim sony
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The cycling jersey
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