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 Get Google Top 10 Ranking Secrete For Your Site Promotions

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PostSubject: Get Google Top 10 Ranking Secrete For Your Site Promotions   Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:44 am

The popularity of sites gives more return to industry or organization by reaching to more people. The best way to reach to more targeted audience is by increasing the listings with Google Top 10 Ranking. There are diverse ways to get listed in the TOP 10 Ranking of popular search engines. The following tips help to increase the ranking of a website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK etcseo service.

Recently we get constant query from clients that can we get Google Top 10 Search Engine Placement Ranking? In how much time we will get this Google Top 10 Ranking? Etc. As the philosophy goes, the techniques used to make a well optimized sites get rank well at Google Top 10 Ranking might somehow prevent that same site from achieving higher rankings. Alternately, webmasters who already have great placements at Google but not at the others appear wary of sacrificing their Google rankings in tracking down of higher placements.

1. Google might pick up the content farms which has no content quality inside.

This is as per the new Google algorithms update with 2011

"We're evaluating several changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, include one change that primarily affects sites that copy others' content and sites with low levels of original content.

We'll continue to explore ways to reduce spam, including new ways for users to give more explicit feedback about spam and low-quality sites content."

"As pure web spammers have decreased over time, consideration has shifted instead to content farms, which are sites with shallow or low-quality content.

We hear the feedback from the web loud and clear: people are asking for even stronger action on content farms and sites that consist primarily of spammy or low-quality content."

If your websites mainly exist to display Google AdSense then your site might lose its rankings on Google. Google makes it clear that running AdSense ads won't help the sites to remain in the indexcheap seo services nz:

"One misconception that we've seen in the last few weeks is the idea that Google doesn't take as strong action on spammy content in our index if those sites are serving Google ads. To be crystal clear:

• Google absolutely takes action on sites that violate our quality guidelines regardless of whether they have ads powered by Google;

2. It will be more difficult to get Top 10 Search Engine Ranking with clone or mirror kinds of sites

Many people hijack the content of sites to get TOP 10 Ranking for the long tail keywords that are listed on these pages. For example, some people shabby the contents of Google Groups and actually got higher rankings than the original Google Groups pages in Google's search results.bang gia seo

Matt Cuts also comments on that issue:

"I've been tracking how often this happens over the last month. It's gotten much, much better, and one additional algorithmic change coming soon should help even more. I'm not saying that a clone will never be listed above SO, but it definitely happens less often compared to a several weeks ago."cong ty seo

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Get Google Top 10 Ranking Secrete For Your Site Promotions
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