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 Aircon Service

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PostSubject: Aircon Service   Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:50 pm

One of the prime necessities in any home or office is the air conditioning unit, or as we call it, aircon. In essence, this appliance keeps the space cool and comfortable, especially during the hot days and muggy nights. It can be difficult to live in a home, or work in an office without an aircon; not only do you rely on it to feel relaxed and refreshed-other appliances, such as computers, depend on it as well to keep their systems cooltivi plasma.

At the same time, the integral processes of the aircon unit are checked for maintenance, including compressor suction and discharge pressure, fancoil unit and condenser coil operation, functions of the deodorize and purify filter, and if the fan bearing requires lubrication (and apply lubricant when necessary).

Prolong unit lifespan. It’s not the overuse that reduces the lifespan of an aircon unit; it’s the dirt and dust. However, when the aircon is always clean and fresh, the more functional it becomes, and the longer it is able to work.

However, since the aircon is in charge of keeping the surrounding air in the room cool and in low temperature, it also exposed to getting unnecessary dirt and dust that eventually clog its interiors. When this happens, the aircon unit reduces its ability to refrigerate, and as a result the air is not kept cool even if the settings are already on full blast. Hence, you will definitely need to take your unit for an aircon service.

There are a lot of benefits that can be reaped from a regular aircon service, such as:

Improve aircon efficiency. The aircon would function in an optimized level practically because its pathways are clean and free from residue. The aircon is also able to provide cooler air even if it is set at the lowest settings, allowing you to save electricity in the long run.

Prevent water leakage. One of the major drawbacks of aircon units is that they incur leaks and holes due to rust brought by water drippings. Through a regular aircon service, the coils are properly maintained and their possible leaks are easily found and fixed right away.samsung 3d led

An aircon service is different from repair, as it involves mainly cleaning and maintenance of the aircon unit. The scope of this service includes checking and cleaning of parts such as air filters, blowers, cooling coils, water tray and cover. The unit’s drainage system is also flushed to remove clogging and allow the air to pass through.

Air would be cleaner. A dirty aircon unit usually provides dusty, puffy air, which can cause allergies and even asthma. Through regular airon service cleaning and maintenance, these health risks can be avoided, and you get to enjoy cleaner, cooler air.dien thoai nokia e5
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Aircon Service
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