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 Motivating Kids to Engage in Sports

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PostSubject: Motivating Kids to Engage in Sports   Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:42 am

As the Olympics are over the challenge goes on for mentors and parents to motivate kids to play sports. At times, it is not just all about winning sports medals. They need to be motivated and to recognize the importance and the benefits of sports.nha tro

Playing sports has a lot of positive effects especially on children. It helps develop their social skills and at the same time would hone their physical faculties. It is a good way for them to stretch those muscles and exercise instead of hanging in front of the computer or TV.sim so dep

For mentors and parents, encouraging children to engage in sports has become a bit of a challenge nowadays. Nowadays, there are so many distractions and alternative activities. There are so many computer games and TV shows that keep the kids from going out of their homes. Earning sports medals has become less valuable for them.

This is why schools and other groups are pulling their efforts to encourage children to go out there and play. But the school’s effort is not enough because they need the help of the parents. So here are some tips on how parents can encourage their children to engage in sports:

1. Play with them- Playing baseball in your yard or shooting some hoops in your garage can start the child’s interest in sports. You can’t motivate them if you don’t set an example yourself. So never ask a child to go out and play while you sit in front of the TV and eat junk food.

2. Let them play with neighbors- Sometimes it takes community effort to motivate your kids to get into sports. You can ask your neighbors to allow their children to play outside. You can organize some little league activities that will encourage more kids to play.phan bon

3. Make them join the school team- If your child is showing much interest in a certain sport then you can ask him to try out for the school team so he can hone his skills better.

These are just some simple ways to motivate children to earn some medals for sports.noi that
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Motivating Kids to Engage in Sports
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