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 Is Your Car Insurance Affected By Private Reg Plates?

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PostSubject: Is Your Car Insurance Affected By Private Reg Plates?   Wed Aug 29, 2012 10:37 pm

You’ll find that there are numerous factors that can have an affect on your car insurance policy, from your driving experience to your record on the road, where you live and even where you park your car overnight. Additionally, there are plenty of details about your car which could have an affect on your insurance. sim so depdich vu seo

The cost of the admin fee is likely to vary from insurer to insurer, or they may not charge you at all, it all depends on their policy. One thing which you will want to confirm is that you will still own the rights to the private reg plate in the event your car is written off. This means that you must get written confirmation from the insurance provider that if you make a total loss claim on your car insurance policy, you’ll still own the rights to the private plates.

A total loss claim occurs when the damage to your car is so bad that it needs to be written off, and the insurance provider essentially buys what remains from you. This can also apply if your car is stolen. While you probably won’t have any problems with your insurance provider under these circumstances, it doesn’t hurt to make it perfectly clear that should the worst happen, the private plates continue to belong to you, so that you could transfer them onto a brand new vehicle.

This will include the model and make of the car involved, what age it is, how powerful the engine is and if you’ve made any alterations to the car – alterations could be something as simple as better wheels or maybe a windscreen tint, to much more substantial changes like a more powerful engine.

So what about personalised registrations? A lot of people make the decision to get private plates for their cars, so it makes sense to find out if this is going to have an impact on your car insurance policy, because this is certainly something a potential purchaser should be aware of.

The good news is, having private plates on your car shouldn’t have an affect on the amount you have to pay for your car insurance policy. This is because the private plates don’t have an affect on the performance of the car and, in contrast to improvements like better wheels, they don’t usually make your car a bigger target for thieves. However, if you change from having normal plates on your car to private plates, you’ll want to inform your insurer about the change.

This is important because your insurer will need to have the correct record of your car registration in their system, or else you might run into difficulties should you ever need to make a claim. For that reason, when your application has been authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and you’ve switched to your brand new private plates, ensure that you inform your insurance provider straight away. They probably won’t charge any more for your car insurance policy as a result of the change to your car registration, but when you make the switch half way through your policy, you might have to pay some sort of admin fee to get your information changed. iwintai iwin

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Is Your Car Insurance Affected By Private Reg Plates?
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