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 PTPtraffic - Tool Exchange link

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PostSubject: PTPtraffic - Tool Exchange link   Wed May 30, 2012 9:20 am

Mình vừa tìm được 1 tools với công dụng tương tự như các site AUTO hay MANUAL SURF hiện nay, tuy nhiên có diều khác biệt đó là các site tool của mình có thể surf đc bao gồm cả các Site Frame Break, Rorator,...
Như vậy các bạn có thể add một số site như ShareApic, Adf.ly, Linkbuck, RIcklink, ....
-Thông tin thêm:
Cách làm việc của site này: Lấy random 1 site trong Database -> check User Credit-> IF >0 thì xem ELSE random site khác. Cứ như vậy
Để SURF bạn phải download 1 TOOL, đc viết bằng CODE AUTOIT , (yên tâm là không có virus ..)
ĐỌc thêm hướng dẫn trên WEBSITE nhé

>This tool was written by AUTOIT code,
>So some ANTIVIRUS may DETECT it at VIRUS,
>You can add it to WHITE LIST,
>Or Antivirus will DELETE it .
write down your username and password
server will check your info
Site will be loaded in IE1 and IE2
4. Tool's Status, will start or stop surfing
4.1 Tool's Status, if 1, like pic 1, READY TO SURF
4.2 Tool's Status, if 0, like pic 2, STOP SURFING
4.3 Change it Manualy
5. Site Reporting
5.1 Some site will break the tool, help me to block it
5.2 U must set Tool'status to 0(zero), then click button
5.3 These site are not accept: POPUP, 18+, StopSurfing.
6. IE1 and IE2
6.1 IE1 will get random site, from our database
6.2 IE2 will get surf that site with the referer site you added
7. While Surfing:
You can not do anything like see About, Reporting Site, Close Tool,
You must Set Status(4) to 0(zero) then do what you want
To surf again, set It to 1(one),then press START SURF(3)
Autotraffic.exe for x64 http://adf.ly/8APbo
Autotraffic.exe for x86 http://adf.ly/8APdJ
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PTPtraffic - Tool Exchange link
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