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 TubeTool Bot - Advertise your videos, rate your videos, comment your videos

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PostSubject: TubeTool Bot - Advertise your videos, rate your videos, comment your videos   Sun May 27, 2012 9:36 pm

Youtube Bot for your spreading or personal needs. The bot is similar to many other expensive bots on Hackforums, but with security in place and is free. It has two main functions, commenting on other videos to advertise your video and using many accounts to comment/rate/favourite/subscribe your video. I'll explain both of them and how they work.


The first function I have installed in this application will help advertise your video. You simply enter your Youtube username and password, add videos to the list of videos that you want to comment on, write a custom comment and then hit start. Every five minutes, the bot will comment on one of the videos starting from the top. When it reaches the end, it will start again from the top. Perfect for overnight use.

Video Booster

The second and main function of the application is the Video Booster. You load a list of usernames and passwords (in the form usernameassword, one per line) and then load a list of comments (one per line) and then select the functions you want. You can Rate, Comment and Favourite the video and also Subscribe to the channel that posted it. The interval per account is 20 seconds which is quite big but for slow computers it will make sure there are no errors.


My main concern was the bot crashing because of bad logins, but I have easily solved this problem. In order to make sure this tool doesn't crash, I have included the following features:

* Skips bad logins
* Creates an error log of bad logins and shows at the end
* Checks page for captcha and ends the application


You can download the tool free from:

the link there is dead, and people need to pay donation to access it.
If you have download, please share it on approved file servers.
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TubeTool Bot - Advertise your videos, rate your videos, comment your videos
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